Hexagon Tiles

Don’t be square when it comes to your floors! The classic honeycomb pattern is the tastiest trend in the world of interiors, so get your fix of six with our collection of hexagon floor tiles. Fancy and chic, they’re the perfect fit for stylish bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and more.

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Set Descending Direction
The hexagon is a mathematical wonder, interlocking perfectly, with examples in nature as diverse as honeycomb, rock formations and ice crystals. There’s no doubt that tiling your wall in this satisfying shape takes you out of the normal zone and demonstrates that you have a flair for decorating your home that comes from a different angle to everyone else (120 degrees to be precise).

But once you’ve settled on hexagonal tiles, you’re only halfway there. We have a fabulous collection of honeycomb tiles in a dazzling array of colours, patterns and finishes. Whatever look you’re dreaming of, you can achieve it with our hexagon tiles.

If you’re looking for a uniform shade throughout, we’ve got plenty to choose from, in a range of colours. What’s great about hexagons is that you can slip in the odd different colour, either in a regular pattern or completely at random, and still achieve real beauty. Hexagons are also perfect for geometric patterns such as the tri-divided cube-effect tiles, which seem to take on three-dimensional properties over a large area. There are also intricately patterned hexagonal tiles, which you can choose to lay in uniform patterns and directions or really go to town, randomising them for a floor or wall with a flourish.

Please note that some hexagon floor tiles are of a slightly sturdier build to take the weight of furniture, people and white goods, so do make sure they are designed for this purpose – hexagon wall tiles are generally lighter. However, some tiles are dual purpose – just ask us if you’re not sure.

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