Croft Cotto Croft Cotto

Croft Cotto

14 x 16 cm


Clays Cotto Clays Cotto

Clays Cotto

33 x 33 cm


Siena Cotto

Siena Cotto

40 x 40 cm


Sunset Lily Sunset Lily

Sunset Lily

21.6 x 25 cm


Sunset Astro Sunset Astro

Sunset Astro

20 x 20 cm


Take it from us, terracotta tiles are the next interiors trend and they're the new/old material du jour. Want proof? Pick up any interiors magazine and you’re you’re sure to see those familiar burnt orange hues dancing on the pages. And in our eyes, it’s about time too - after all, terracotta’s been a design staple for over 5,000 years! Being the trend-setters we are, we’ve got a small but cracking range of terracotta effect tiles we just know you’ll love. Why terracotta effect, we hear you say? Well, much as we love natural terracotta, it’s incredibly porous and in all honesty, not that practical for modern homes. Our terracotta tiles are all made from porcelain which means they’re really easy to live with. They’re also incredibly lifelike and will give your home all the warmth and character you’d associate with natural terracotta.