Metro White Metro White

Metro White

10 x 20 cm


Marais Green Marais Green

Marais Green

6.5 x 20 cm


Dwell Emerald Dwell Emerald

Dwell Emerald

6 x 24 cm


Tapestry Blue Tapestry Blue

Tapestry Blue

33 x 33 cm


Opal Emerald Opal Emerald

Opal Emerald

7.5 x 30 cm


Dwell Azul Dwell Azul

Dwell Azul

6 x 24 cm


Marais Rose Marais Rose

Marais Rose

6.5 x 20 cm


Arlo Light Arlo Light

Arlo Light

20 x 20 cm


Harmony Sky Harmony Sky

Harmony Sky

10 x 20 cm


Casablanca Mix Casablanca Mix

Casablanca Mix

16.5 x 16.5 cm


Tutti Frutti Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti

18.5 x 18.5 cm


Brix White Brix White

Brix White

7 x 31 cm


Crackle Bottle Green Crackle Bottle Green

Crackle Bottle Green

7.5 x 15 cm


Heritage Star White Heritage Star White

Heritage Star White

45 x 45 cm


Opal Marine Opal Marine

Opal Marine

7.5 x 30 cm


Marais White Marais White

Marais White

6.5 x 20 cm


Heritage Star Blue

Heritage Star Blue

45 x 45 cm


Antique Marble Antique Marble

Antique Marble

7.5 x 30 cm


Opal White Opal White

Opal White

7.5 x 30 cm


Zellige Pearl Zellige Pearl

Zellige Pearl

13 x 13 cm


There are few more pleasing architectural sights than a wall covered in good quality porcelain wall tiles. At Porcelain Superstore we’ve got a fantastic range of designer wall tiles from the best producers in Italy and Spain. So whether you’re tiling a bathroom or kitchen, or making an opulent feature wall or alcove using quality tiles, take a look though our collection to find the perfect look. Even the most stringent control during firing results in slight differences that makes each tile ever so slightly unique, an effect that multiplies when reproduced over a whole wall, creating interest and texture. Of course, the effect can also be purposely exaggerated between batches or in individual preparation when handmade, resulting in a widely varied wall that’s truly engaging. Take a look at our Brix tiles, for example. With some generous grouting the appearance is almost indistinguishable from cleaned brick, the illusion being helped by the fact that they’re all different – after all, who would do that on purpose? Metro tiles are an ever-popular choice for wall tiles, too. Based on the tiling on the London Underground and other similar transit stations around the world, these plain tiles look more impressive the larger the area – although they also look pretty cool as a splashback. White is a popular option, but take a look at the range of colours we have – you don’t lose any of that subterranean vibe with these high-gloss wonders. Need some inspiration? Have a look here.