Get The Look - Striking Blue Tiles In A Brooklyn Brownstone Kitchen

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
15th January 2020

Raychel Wade Kitchen

We love the striking simplicity of this Brooklyn Brownstone kitchen by New York based designer Raychel Wade. Here the simple black and white contrast of the cabinetry really stands out against the thin slats of glossy blue tiles. The strong white grout lines carry the eye, creating a feeling of spaciousness. It is a project that proves the value of a limited palette and clever use of a few carefully chosen elements.

The use of the rug on the neutral grey floor is a neat touch. Not only can this be simply washed to maintain the just-finished look, but the whole space can be refreshed by a simple rug swap. We are all familiar with summer and winter wardrobes: why not a summer and winter kitchen?

The blue tiled feature wall is great design element. It is all too easy to play safe in the kitchen, restricting the use of tiles to a splashback or Aga panel. But why not go bold with a fully tiled feature wall, especially if you share your house with children or dogs. They not only deliver an energising pop of colour, but they are endlessly practical. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth and muddy splashes or sticky fingerprints are removed … and your kitchen will look as good as new once again.


At Porcelain Superstore we have several options to help you achieve this look. Just arrived, our Dwell Azul tiles may be the most beautiful wall tiles we’ve ever seen. The sumptuous teal glaze is unevenly applied, giving rich and varied blue-green tones that compliment the rustic surface; while the gloss finish really complete the hand-made look. These Italian porcelain tiles, 10mm thick, have an ideal elongated 60 by 240mm format for the Brooklyn vibe.



Another great option is Opal Marine. These 8mm thick tiles come in at 75 by 300mm, so also have the right linear feel. With their uneven surface, varied tones, and rich glaze, they have an artisanal quality that’s difficult to find these days, and will really suit a ceramic feature wall. Inspired by iridescence of natural opal, with this beautiful tile all the hues of the rainbow dance and flash along the surface providing walls with an intoxicating, shimmering finish.

And if you are seeking the perfect taps to deliver the Brooklyn look, there’s no better place to start than C P Hart. Check out ranges like Axor or Chatwal for the perfect pillar tap or 3-piece basin mixer.

Another feature of Raychel Wade’s kitchen is the elegant light fittings. These place an immediate period stamp on the space, but the whole kitchen can be subtly rebalanced by opting for a different wall-mounted fitting.

Chatwal Tap
Chatwal 3 piece Tap
Truro wall lamp
Truro wall lamp - Christopher Wray

It is really worth turning to a lighting expert, such as Christopher Wray. Here you will find hundreds of lighting options. Why not have a play and imagine how this Brooklyn look would work with designs such as Caisley, Ciggy, Colombia, Garway, Ginni, Harbour, Mabb, Manhattan, or Truro. All provide a statement wall light, but each has a slightly different historic reference.

A perfect combination of taps, lights, and Porcelain Superstore tiles will allow you to create a wholly curated look that’s true to your home’s unique personality. Happy hunting!