Kitchen inspo: 1950s

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
4th April 2022

The post-war period was a time of relative prosperity for many, with technological improvements offering up new appliances and materials for use in the home. One room in particular saw a shift in its design and overall functionality with dishwashers, refrigerators, and new sinks and ovens being installed for convenience.


Image from: Alamy

The kitchen not only saw changes in function and usability as its aesthetics shifted from bold and traditional to soft and joyful. Colours were widely used, with pastels gaining favour for both cabinets and appliances. Baby blues, light pink, and lemon yellow are the shades most commonly associated with the time, with the striking checkerboard floor standing in rich contrast.


Image from: Alamy

Curved cabinet edges, tables, and seating added to the softness offered by the pastels creating an optimistic space that’s joyful to be in. Much like today many appliances were matched or fitted into fixed cabinets for a uniform look with colours either belonging to the same tonal family or in neutrals like white or chrome.


Image from: A 1954 brochure from St. Charles Mfg. Co.

Channelling 50s design in the kitchen can be as simple as a lick of paint, though including curves definitely adds a layer of detail to finalise that retro vibe. As for flooring and backsplashes, here are some tiles to match the aesthetic.


Images from: Mid Century Home Style and Retro Renovation

Black and white is a recognisable classic, though variations in layout can modernise/personalise the look. Get the look with our Victorian White and Victorian Black tiles.


Cube patterned flooring is checkerboard with a twist. Get the look with our Diamond Twist or Archive Cube tiles.


Upgrade the vinyl floor of the 50s with some terrazzo-style colour-specked designs like our Tutti Frutti and Tutti Frutti Dark tiles.


Cute plain white squares pair perfectly with 50s coloured kitchen cabinets for a neutral backsplash. Get the look with our Elements White Square or Zellige Pearl tiles.


Add a touch of contemporary style and lay around with layout with white elongated subway tiles. Get the look with our Elements Brick Matt or FlatIron White tiles.