Four Magical Moroccan Kitchens

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
23rd August 2021

Colour, character, and texture combine in winning quantities across Morocco to produce some of the most magnificent interior elements imaginable. Many of these elements culminate in the country’s incredible tiling traditions, offering a spectacular breadth of choices when it comes to your own space.

Very particular patterned and plain tiles play a role in creating Moroccan-style spaces – the unique, textured, handmade, many coloured traditional zellige, the beautiful, curved, s-shaped ogee pattern/Moroccan trellis, and the many geometric motifs found on tiles from Marrakech to Fes.

Dreamy rooftop kitchen

In the rooftop kitchen of Art dealer Dorothea McKenna Elkon and designer Salem Grassi in Essaouira, Morocco a beautiful patterned splashback is coupled with a rustic natural-tiled worktop, both of which are lined by dark blue zellige. The floor uses a similar colour-mix, with a blue centre and natural pattern border. Combined with the organic open shelving and rich wood cabinets, the kitchen is the stuff of dreams – warm and inviting, with details that take it just a step above simplicity.

For a similar combination of colours and texture try our Fez Teal, Sienna Cotto, and Lisbon Vintage.


Bright blue beauty

In this brilliantly blue kitchen found on So Moroccan, light colours combine with subtle texture to create an enticing space full of energy. The sky-blue counters and bold geometric splashback work harmoniously, whilst the matching blue doors and white shelving adds extra lightness.

For a similar look try our Zellige Teal or Zellige Blue, and our Ottoman Blue or Archive Fiore.


Flirty fishscale

In this Australian homes found on Homes to Love, a rich fishscale splashback jumps out from the black and white worktops and yellow-wood cupboard. This hint of Morocco adds oodles of charm, texture, and tonal variation, forming a stunning focal point that is decorative but not overwhelming.

For a similar look try our Drops Persian Blue.


Dark and interesting

In this moody kitchen owned by designer Nicole Hollis (photographed by Laure Joliet) black is the colour of choice. Rather than being a sleek, soulless space, Moroccan style zellige tiles make up the backsplash. The variation in texture allows light to play on the surface and add a touch of brightness.

For a similar look try our Zellige Black.