Five Ways To Make A Kitchen Statement With Textured Tiles

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
1th December 2020

The kitchen can be a place to have fun with design. Ensuring that it is easy to clean and that surfaces are durable and hard wearing are the two biggest areas of concern, the rest is entirely up to you.

Worktops, windows, wall cabinets, and hanging pots and pans all help break up large sections of wall within kitchens, making it the ideal place to play with colour, vibrancy, or something a little unusual.

Although there are endless options when it comes to tile options within kitchen design, we’ve selected a few ways a hand-made zellige-style tile can make a stunning statement in one of your home’s most important rooms.

Green, Organic, and Full of Life

In this kitchen designed by Justine Blakeney, the vibrant green tiles set the precedent for the rooms characterful celebration of nature.

Photo Credit - Danae Horst

The textured, glossy tiles with plenty of tonal variation pop against the gorgeous wooden shelves. Using bright green plants adds to the organic design, with clean white surfaces allowing each accent feature to shine.

Dwell Emerald

Marais Green

To achieve a similar look, our beautifully varied Marais Green, Dwell Emerald, Dwell Azul, or Crackle Bottle Green are each incredible dupes.

Combined with a matching dark turquoise or olive green grout this kitchen could be yours in no time.

A Modern Twist on the Classic and Simple

This kitchen designed by Velinda Hellen is a beautiful example of how statement design doesn’t have to be bold - simple white square tiles are used to create a clean space.

Photo Credit - Sara Liggoria-Tramp

However, the choice of textured zellige-style tiles ensures that the kitchen isn’t dull, with subtle shade variants amongst the tiles and texture that encourages the light to dance.

The slightly darker hues within the tiles adds an understated richness to the walls, whilst the light colour allows the kitchen items to become delightful decoration. Our Atelier White tiles, below, combined with a brilliantly white grout are a fantastic option for reproducing this look in your own home.

Far-Wall Feature Kitchen

In this kitchen it is clear that all eyes are to be drawn to the far wall.

Image Credit - Van Oud Hout

The uncluttered open space welcomes individuals into the room and juxtaposes against the large, bright textured feature wall that stretches from ceiling to worktop. The glossy glaze ensures the light can travel throughout the room, whilst the dark cabinets and island unit almost blend into one.

With a few woody accents, including the shelves and chopping boards, this kitchen blends rustic appeal with modern lines and minimalism. Our Fez Ivy tiles are the perfect choice to replicate this stunning statement in your own home.

Dark, Moody, and Mysterious

This kitchen designed by Lieu Dit is a dark, textured dream. So many shades of black are utilised to create a space that feels surprisingly welcoming and warm. Dark cabinets and glass-fronted shelves frame the black zellige splash back.

The only colour in the space is the light brown wooden worktops and the greyscale tiles on the floor, yet the textured wall tiles allow a huge amount of light transference, brightening the space.

Zellige Black

Our Zellige Black tiles can create a similar feature in any kitchen.

Dainty, Delicate, and Delightful

In this kitchen from Milk Decoration light, airy, multi-tonal tiles are used to fill a large space with a beautiful, friendly atmosphere.

Painted objects and interior elements accent the pale aquas and turquoises in the tiles whilst rose gold fixtures and a pink marble table top picks out the warmer hues. Allowing these colours to shine through is the plain black and white colour scheme of the rest of the room.

Our Marais Aqua (below) and Soulful Emerald (above) offer similar shades of blue with depth and warmth.

Marais Aqua