10 Ways To Use Green Wall Tiles In Bathrooms

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
15th November 2022

As one of the most soothing colours in the spectrum, it’s easy to see why green is such a natural fit for bathrooms. After all, they’re a place to relax and unwind from the demands of daily life.

However, green doesn’t always mean tranquil. With so many beautiful green wall tiles available, you can create a space that reflects your personal style - whether that’s bright and uplifting, refined and sophisticated or fun and eclectic. Wondering how? Read on, to discover a world of inspiration.

Pink and Green Should Always Be Seen

Crackle Bottle Green Tiles in A Bathroom

Bathrooms are secondary spaces, so they’re a great place to experiment with colour and pattern - and designers Barlow and Barlow are the masters at this. In this Notting Hill bathroom, our Crackle Bottle Green tiles are contrasted with salmon pink walls, white marble floor tiles and burnished gold brassware. If it sounds daring, it is. But it works - as opposite colours in the colour spectrum, the pink and green complement each other while the herringbone layout and antique washbasin stand add a playful and unexpected element.

Fine Lines Add Another Dimension

Fluted Green Wall Tiles Behind A WashbasinFluted details are a huge trend right now. And with their roots in Roman architecture, they’re a great way to work a classical style into a modern home. Here, the vertical grooves of our Fluted Emerald Green wall tiles contrast against their plain counterparts, catching the eye. This makes a striking backdrop for a contemporary washbasin - strong enough to add interest, subtle enough to not overwhelm.

Perfect for smaller rooms where you can create an intimate, cocooning quality - compete the designer styling with matt black taps and simple accessories.

Fluid forms that ebb and flow

Wave-like mint green tiles behind a bathAs our beautiful Wave Mint tiles show, your wall tiles don’t have to be square. Inspired by the open sea, their gentle contour will add energy to your space - exactly what you need on those lazy weekend mornings. Fresh and light, these tiles are well-suited to modern bathrooms and their ethereal finish will add a dreamlike quality to long soaks. Make sure these tiles take centre stage, by keeping the rest of your room relatively simple - grey floor tiles will work well, as a contrast.

Ooze opulence with a hotel-style bathroom

Polished green onyx marble tiles in bathroom

Sure, onyx tiles can be showy - but they’re a secret weapon when it comes to creating bathrooms with five-star appeal. And while the dramatic colouring of our Onyx Green tiles, shown above, isn’t for everyone, it will make a luxury statement like no other tile, white marbles included.

The key to the style is to go all-out and use these large format tiles on both your floor and walls. Make sure to keep the rest of your room luxurious with designer lighting, walnut walls and statement taps. With this look, more is certainly more!

Handmade style, timeless spaces

Green crackled tiles in a bathroom

In recent years, there’s been a move away from clean, minimal lines. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go all-out, in terms of colour and pattern. Instead, you can create a space that’s simple yet sophisticated, by using artisanal tiles like Grace Mist. While trends may come and go, their crackled finish and beautiful misty colouring give the impression of true craftsmanship and won’t go out of fashion, ever. Pair with a wood effect floor tile to keep the room feeling warm, natural and cosy.


Green patterned tiles in a bathroom splashback

Patterned tiles aren’t just a trend; they’re a time-honoured way to inject individuality into your home, without having to go all-out. And the great thing is, you can layer them into your room, just as you would with fabrics. So instead of re-doing your whole space, why not update the splashback with our Willow Sage tiles, shown above? It’s a great way to freshen up a bathroom without breaking the bank and the green-and-white colour combo pairs wonderfully well with many current interior styles.

In the mix

Emerald Green Wall Tiles On Bathroom Splashback 

Mixing different tiles together is definitely a conversational starting point, especially if you’re using tiles as gorgeous as Dwell Emerald. Here, they’re juxtaposed with large polished tiles, which exaggerates the difference in sizes and draws the eye. We love the deep green colouring - pairing marble style tiles with emerald green is always going to make a bold statement, even more so if you keep your other fittings sparse but well-specified. It’s a style that’s made for glamorous en-suites and boudoir bathrooms.

Rough luxe

Green Zellige Wall Tiles In Bathroom

Green zellige tiles on the wall, terracotta on the floor, tadelakt walls and antique mirrors - so far, so Moroccan. And we love it - is there anything more relaxing and romantic than this Moorish-inspired space? It’s so easy to get these hammam-vibes in your own bathroom, by combining our Souk Emerald wall tiles with Souk Cotto on your floor. Although these tiles look like they’re handcrafted by artisans - with uneven edges, imperfections and the like - they’re actually made from porcelain so they’re really easy to care for and don’t cost a small fortune.

Love at first bite

Green Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles in Bathroom

For a delicious splashback or bathroom, look no further than kit kat mosaics, especially in this minty-fresh colourway. Calm yet contemporary, they’re everything a modern bathroom could wish for and the glossy finish will add a dreamlike quality to your space. Take it from us - your morning rituals will be transformed, especially if you keep the vibe in the rest of your room light, natural and organic.

Organic matters

Jungle Print Tiles Bathroom

It’s a truism that bold design and small spaces are a match made in heaven. So if your bathroom is a little on the dinky side, why not dress it up in something tropical, like these palm print tiles? There’s something about them that we just can’t resist and their exotic design will instantly turn your haven into a lush rainforest. Feel free to run wild with the design and cover your walls and floors. Pair with classical-styled fittings and furniture for a look that’s truly unique.