Style Files: 10 Bathroom Tile Trends For 2018

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
9th January 2018

Traditionally taking second place to the kitchen when it comes to design, bathrooms have cast aside their functional tag and become a living space in their own right. And with more of us opting for wetrooms, freestanding baths and spa-like showers, it’s only natural that we’d want to stamp our own style on this most personal of spaces. So with that in mind, it’s time to say goodbye to the humble white metro tile. While subway tiles will always have their place, when it comes to tiling your bathroom there’s a bewildering array of colours, shapes and styles on offer. Of course, with so much choice it can be stressful getting it right - after all, you’ll be living with your new space for more than a few fleeting months. That’s why we’ve put together our guide to the top bathroom tiles trends of 2018. We hope you’ll find some inspiration for your next project!


Blurred Edges

Take it from us, straight lines and sharp corners are out; in 2018, wonderfully curvaceous tiles are what the best dressed bathrooms will be wearing. At last year’s Cersaie design fair in Italy, we spotted a trend for softly shaped mermaid tiles that take the concept of dreamy decor tiles to a whole new level. Shades of ethereal teal and leafy greens add a subtle touch to feature walls; keep the rest of your room relatively neutral and these scale-like tiles will really shimmer.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Mermaid Tiles


Soft Glamour

Why not elevate your bathroom from practical to pleasurable by opting for playful pastels? Here, dusty pinks, shiny brass and deep rich reds make for a space with a serene, feminine appeal. These tones work wonderfully well with the terrazzo style tiles we’re spotting on our style radars, but at home, white marble will work just as well. Add in some mid-century accessories to complete the glamours Palm Springs look.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Pastel Tiles


Everyday Encaustics

Who says bathrooms have to be bland? Not us. So why not inject some personal style into your room by using patterned tiles? These have exploded in popularity over the past twelve months and it’s easy to see why - they’re a great way to add life without swamping the space. The key here is balance - less really can be more. In the image above, our customer has used our striking Heritage Star tiles on the floor and limited the walls to sober duck-egg panelling and stone-effect shower tiles. The Moroccan motifs bring warmth and beauty, adding an eclectic touch to this classically British bathroom. Unlike reclaimed cement tiles, our decorative tiles don’t require any special care which makes them perfectly suitable for demanding family bathrooms.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Everyday Encaustics


Modern Monochrome

While it’s tempting to think of monochrome as a kind of bravery barometer for interiors - or playing it safe, in other words - in truth, there’s no better way to nail the timeless taste. But forget the plain retro metros; this time round, opt for larger marble-style tiles that are full of elegance and soul. Add sleek chrome fittings and catch-the-eye accessories to give the space a sexy, boudoir feel.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Monochrome Tiles


Art Deco Opulence

After a year long refurb, the legendary Fleming Hotel in Hong Kong recently reopened and the results are a design-lover’s dream. Our eyes were drawn to the avant-garde bathrooms where rich green tiles add character to a decadent mix of brass and polished concrete. It’s a look that oozes luxury - a nod to the city’s nautical heritage and glitzy past. We’re seeing similar styles in design hotels around the world; you can stay one step ahead by opting for our Crackle Bottle Green wall tiles.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Bottle Green Tiles


Modern Minimalism

Subtle, muted shades are the order of the day for many modern bathrooms and without a doubt, colours of calm are an obvious choice for a relaxing space. We’re seeing this pared-back approach maturing away from its stark, minimal origins into a warmer, more organic style. Texture is a great way to lift a soothing palette - here, the fluted white wall tile adds character and soul to a contemporary wetroom. Get a similar look by combining our tactile Berlin Ivory Decor tiles with Memory Sand on your floor.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Fluted Wall Tiles


Grown Up Grey

Stone tiles and bathrooms go hand-in-hand; we’ve all seen the toffee tones of travertine in a friend’s new shower space. But thanks to recent advances in production technology, there’s a whole host of new porcelain stoneware that look beyond the usual slates and marbles. A great case in point is the new Quartzite tiles above, which combine rugged beauty with pared-back sophistication - these warm grey tones are guaranteed to transcend trends. To own the spa-like look at home, clad walls and floors in the largest slabs you can find and keep the rest of your space sleek and simple.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Grey Tiles


Into The Blue

Forget grey, white and beige: in 2018, blue’s the colour when it comes to stylish bathrooms. In a way, there’s nothing new here - we’ve long been used to sea and sky shades during our morning shower. But this time round, take a more sophisticated approach by using dark, inky tones rather than lighter duck egg and baby blues. Here, the deep blends of Opal Marine dial up the drama in this elegant bathroom - it’s a great example of how dark and light colours can be combined to great effect.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Teal Wall Tiles


Woods Are The New Neutrals

To be sure, neutrals are an essential part of any designer’s decorating arsenal. But for 2018, banish the beige and turn away from taupe; wood effect floor tiles are the new neutrals. With bathrooms fast-becoming a place to de-stress, the familiar palette of porcelain planks will transform your space into a cocoon of calm. Complete the look with grey walls and soft fabrics; the timber texture will keep this pared-back scheme interesting.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Wood Tiles


Herringbone and Hexagons

One of today’s biggest decorating trends is geometrics - we’re seeing them everywhere from wallpaper to six-sided plates. So for a fresh take in your bathroom, why not opt for hip hexagons and herringbones? These offer a more playful style than straight-laced squares without going overboard on pattern. Their zig zag and honeycomb nature elevate the humble grout joint into a statement itself; don’t be afraid to use a contrasting grout colour to add a little extra zing.

Bathroom Trends 2018 - Hexagons and Herringbones