Polished Porcelain Tiles

Want our recipe for glamour? Just add our polished porcelain tiles and you’ll have a room that packs a luxurious punch in no time. For the ultimate in dramatic style, pick one of our high-gloss marble-style tiles. They’re perfect for both walls and floors, so you can get the all-over stone look without breaking the bank.

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Set Descending Direction
One of the recent tile style trends has been the emergence of highly polished porcelain tiles. These lustrous tiles bring unparalleled opulence and luxury to any room, thanks largely to their finish that reflects light sources almost flawlessly, to give a diamond-like glister.

What’s underneath the polished finish matters enormously to the effect you’re trying to achieve. A black base creates an almost mirror-like finish, which can make rooms look wider and almost give the impression that you’re floating on air. Black does tend to need more incidental light, however, as the polished finish reduces light scattering and diffusion. You might prefer a grey or beige base to give an overall luminance, perhaps at the cost of a little glamour.

Bright or white polished porcelain wall and floor tiles return to the lavish vibe, especially if you opt for a marble pattern to take you back a few thousand years to some sort of Mediterranean palace where you can recline and eat grapes in a toga (optional). Again, reflectivity is the order of the day, with light from windows and electric spots turning your floor and walls into a dream-like waterscape, with luxury and fantasy in abundance.

If all this talk of opulence is making you check your bank balance, don’t worry – Porcelain Superstore deals direct with the manufacturers and we don’t have showrooms or pushy salespeople. That means we can compete on price without compromising on quality.

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