Woodwork Beige Woodwork Beige

Woodwork Beige

10 x 70 cm


Ascot Oak Ascot Oak

Ascot Oak

25 x 100 cm


Arteak Castano Arteak Castano

Arteak Castano

20.5 x 61.5 cm


Herringbone Brown Herringbone Brown

Herringbone Brown

7 x 28 cm


Royal Oak Royal Oak

Royal Oak

75 x 75 cm


Bowland Oak Bowland Oak

Bowland Oak

20 x 75 cm


Avalon Pale Avalon Pale

Avalon Pale

11 x 54 cm


Ascot Grey Ascot Grey

Ascot Grey

25 x 100 cm


Artisan White Artisan White

Artisan White

15 x 90 cm


Herringbone White Herringbone White

Herringbone White

7 x 28 cm


Essence Honey Essence Honey

Essence Honey

20 x 120 cm


Timber Oak Timber Oak

Timber Oak

15 x 90 cm


Windsor Dark Windsor Dark

Windsor Dark

60 x 60 cm


Amsterdam Almond Amsterdam Almond

Amsterdam Almond

23 x 120 cm


Nordic Oak Nordic Oak

Nordic Oak

20 x 120 cm


Forest Oak Forest Oak

Forest Oak

15 x 60 cm


Nature Gris Nature Gris

Nature Gris

22 x 85 cm


Avalon Oak Avalon Oak

Avalon Oak

11 x 54 cm


Woodcraft Honey Woodcraft Honey

Woodcraft Honey

20 x 120 cm


Alderley Walnut Alderley Walnut

Alderley Walnut

20 x 120 cm


Wood effect floor tiling is the kind of innovation that makes you wonder why nobody thought of it years ago. They look so good and feel so realistic and comfy underfoot (especially with the assistance of underfloor heating) that they are the must-have flooring of the decade. Let’s look at the benefits. First and foremost, they look amazing – just like the classic wooden boards they’re based on. That is of course the number one concern, and in this case there’s no cause for concern at all. Second, because they’re porcelain, you’re not going to stain them if you spill wine, coffee, blackcurrant juice or oil on them – simply sponge them down and you’re good to go. If you like underfloor heating and want the timber look, porcelain wood effect tiles are the way to go – many real boards will warp and dry out under constant heating and cooling – this doesn’t happen with wood effect floor tiles. Fancy some wooden boards outside? Or the inside flooring extending outside seamlessly? Again, real wood ages and needs regular treatment if it’s to avoid getting waterlogged, overdried and mossy. Porcelain tiles to the rescue. You might also be interested in wood effect wall tiles, an interesting play on the Scandinavian sauna feel that can work in many contexts. Whatever surface you’re interested in tiling, we hope you’ll consider these super-realistic wood-effect options. Need some more information? View our buying guide.