Collection Spotlight: Grace

Another of our newest arrivals is Grace - a simple, elegant, elongated subway tile in a small selection of shades.

 Grace Light Wall Tile

The four colours - Light, Mist, Pearl, and Blue - each rest on the border between country charm and seaside chic. The two neutrals offer a calming multi-tonal mix of whites and greys whilst the soft green shades of Mist offer gentle décor and the vibrant aqua shades of Blue bring a burst of playfulness.


Grace Pearl Wall Tiles

At 7.5 by 30cm, Grace is a classic elongated metro shape, small enough for a splash back but large enough to make an impact. Adding layers to their look, these tiles boast a beautiful crackled effect and gorgeous glossy finish that allows light to bounce from surface to surface.

Grace Blue Wall Tiles 

Tone is varied between all the tiles creating a handmade look and offering a depth of character. Perfect for modern styling, traditional interiors, rustic themes, or minimalist aesthetics, Grace is a fantastically versatile range.

 Grace Pearl Wall Tiles

Enjoy these Spanish wall tiles in the kitchen, the bathroom, the pantry, the conservatory, behind shelves, behind sinks, or behind baths in any number of creative layouts.