Top Tips For Creating A Sumptuous Hotel-Style Bathroom

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
13th May 2016

Here’s a little suggestion – next time you’re planning a new bathroom why not pack a weekend bag and spend a night at a boutique hotel? It might sound a little indulgent but let’s face it, chic hotels are more than just a place to stay, they’re also a great source of design inspiration. Which is pretty unsurprising, after all they employ some of the world’s top architects and interior designers to come up with ever more luxurious spaces.

But if you’re enjoying the pampering a little too much to make notes, don’t worry – just read on to find out how to give your bathroom a little hotel glamour.

The Art Of Bathing

Mention the words hotel and bathroom and we reckon your mind will immediately wander to a long soak in a gorgeous freestanding bathtub. And with good reason – is there a better way to unwind after a long day than a blissful bath and a good book?

Relaxation aside, freestanding tubs just look pretty awesome and they’re guaranteed to become a focal point in any room. And these days – if you’ll excuse the pun – you don’t need to splash out if you want to relax at home. There’s plenty of affordable and amazing free-standing tubs available. Just add bubbles and some candles and you’re ready for a long soak!

Spa-Like Spaces

Unfortunately, many of our bathrooms tend to be a little small compared to their boutique hotel equivalents. But if you don’t have the room for a freestanding bath you can still create a zen-like space by investing in a designer wet room.

They’re a great way to maximise space in smaller bathrooms and continuing the floor tiles into the shower area gives a pared-back, seamless look. If your plumbing system allows, opt for a rain shower head and body jets to turn mundane morning showers into an experience worthy of the finest spas.

As the images show, wet rooms work well in both contemporary and modern designs.

Understated Style

According to Giorgio Armani, a man who knows a thing or two about design, a hotel “must be beautiful but also functional, like a dress. No excess, but a place where you can feel at ease”.

One look at the sublime Armani hotels in Dubai and Milan and we’re inclined to agree. Fussy details and bling are out, sleek minimalism is in. It’s a contemporary look that’s copied around the world and with good reason – hotels don’t want the expense of updating their bathrooms every few years so it makes financial sense to stick with a timeless style.

So set the scene for your daily rituals at home with a pared back bathroom – combine smooth, polished tiles with concealed storage and discreet, dimmable lighting for a sexy and muted look.

Luxury Living

The latest boutique bathrooms are more like luxury living spaces than a room for a quick shower, and feature designer furniture, open fireplaces and mood lighting. Some top hotels even have bathrooms that are open-plan to the bedroom. The idea is to help create a place you want to spend time in, and it’s really easy to create this feel at home.

Hide away ugly pipework and cisterns behind your walls to free up floor space and choose minimalist fittings that will allow the rest of your room to shine. If you have the space, a boudoir chair adds an inviting touch and is handy for dressing or sitting and chatting to your partner. If you don’t have the space, why not install a waterproof tv and speakers so you can enjoy your favourite programs whilst having a soak?

Accessorise it up

No luxury hotel is complete without the finishing touches so give your new bathroom the five star experience with luxury accessories, indulgent fluffy towels and designer soaps and shampoos.

Although you’ll want to hide some necessities away, keep your favourite lotions and potions close at hand in glass bottles. Complete the tranquil look with a vase of fresh flowers and a pile of artfully arranged magazines and books.

And finally

No one enjoys cleaning the loo and shower and sadly, most of our bathrooms aren’t cleaned daily like their hotel peers. So make sure your new space is designed with practicality in mind.

It’s little wonder that many top hotels tile their bathrooms floor to ceiling – porcelain tiles are incredibly easy to maintain and with a little spring clean your hotel style bathroom will look great for years to come.×1365.jpg