Top Tile Picks For Dulux’s Colour Of The Year 2021

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
7th October 2020

Dulux recently released their 2021 colour of the year – Brave Ground – a tone intended to provide feelings of stability, offer strength and focus towards creativity, and to connect back to nature. It’s an organic shade, found in natural wood and stone, and is filled with warmth and richness as well as comfort and calm.

Alongside Brave Ground, Dulux also proposed four colour palettes that work alongside the shade, each with its own character and ambience, and each acting as a fantastic guide for tile combinations.

Expressive Colours

Reds and pinks bring out the neutrality in Brave Ground, whilst acting as a partner to the shades, toning them down and bringing them back to earth.

The Expressive Colour palette

The bold, warm shades are still able to shine, but with earthiness and presence alongside rich, yet pale, colours.

Albert's Chestnut Brown

Metro Plum

Our Plum Metro Tiles, Palm Springs Pink, and Albert’s Chestnut Brown each translate elements of this palette into tile, perfect to spread creativity and energy throughout the home.

Timeless Colours

A modern and earthy palette combining mustard and ochre tones, these timeless colours combine with Brave Ground to create a positive space that is highly stylish and characterful.

The Timeless Colours palette

Browns and coppers are also included for a varied, yet harmonious, space.

Innovative and unique - Grove Brown Oak

Our Palm Springs Mustard, Albert’s Mustard Yellow, and Grove Brown Oak all have a little something to offer this fantastic palette.

Palm Springs Mustard


Albert's Mustard Yellow

Trust Colours

These delightful neutrals have a natural softness about them as well as a richness found amongst the browns. The resulting combination is effortlessly chic – neutral and calm but full of personality.

The Trust Colours palette

Light greys found in natural stone or cement imitations work fantastically alongside Brave Ground, such as in Portland Light Grey, or Shale Grey.

Large, contemporary and timeless - Shale Grey

However, there is plenty for the tile world to offer this colour palette, such as our Cosmo Grey Mix, Haven Grey, or Arlo Dark.

Arlo Dark

Cosmo Denin Mix

Earth Colours

Playing on the nature theme, greens and blues are suggested alongside Brave Ground to create “a comforting connection to the world outside”. These classic colours are always popular in the home, ensuring that this colour palette works well with both traditional and contemporary interiors.

The Earth Colours palette

The everlasting popularity of blue and green also means the tile world has plenty to choose from.

Zellige Blue

Dwell Azul

Tile textures also enable multiple tones to be achieved, as well as offering an enchanting imitation of nature. Our Dwell Azul, Zellige Blue, and Palm Springs Green are just a few examples.