Get The Look - A Mediterranean Living Room

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
24th May 2021

Homes spanning southern Europe and northern Africa make up the majesty that is the Mediterranean. With each home and each country there are unique touches and details that differ – be it the opulence of Italian furniture or the keyhole arches found in much of Moorish design – but the Mediterranean space is still distinct, and here are a few ways to create a living room with a Mediterranean flair in your own home.

Colours of the sun

Taking inspiration from the region’s plentiful sun the warm tones of terracotta, bold yellows, pinks, and reds add richness to the space and play against the natural materials in furnishings and surfaces, adding layers romance to interiors.

Colours of the sea

The fresh marine tones of Greek, Moroccan, and Tunisian interiors lighten spaces. Contrasting against bright white walls, turquoise, aqua, and deep sea blues create an oasis of a space that transports you to the sunny coastal town of your dreams.

Nature is key

Including natural materials is vital to creating a true Mediterranean vibe in the home. Dark woods, terracotta tiles, natural stone, and even cotton and linen are all important for creating the right atmosphere.

Walls and arches

Many classic Mediterranean homes make use of high ceilings, fabulous arches, and incredible natural stone walls that offer an unmistakable level of character. But you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, and many homes don’t have the luxury of high ceilings, arches, or natural stone walls.

Instead create the illusion of height by removing clutter and use light tones on walls and ceilings. Create arches with paint, wood, or by re-working an existing doorway. And as for natural stone walls, use imitation tiles or simply give them a miss!

The living room is an important space and Mediterranean style simplifies the design to make it not only practical and comforting, but spectacularly beautiful.