Get The Look - Shaker Kitchen & Ottoman Blue

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
21st August 2017

Shaker style kitchenIt’s fair to say that Howdens know a thing or two about kitchen design - after all, they supplied over 400,000 kitchens last year. And with a gentle nod towards Shaker style design, their latest range - the Allendale - is the epitome of understated elegance. So you can imagine our delight when we spotted our Ottoman Blue tiles in this gorgeous Allendale kitchen. Read on for a little lesson in designer style.

Close up of worktop

Go with the grain

Can you ever have too much wood? The answer - according to Howdens - is an emphatic no. And we’d have to agree; when it comes to crafting a homely feel, there’s nothing like wooden worktops and battered timber tables. Finish your floor in a classy wood effect tile to complete the look.

Vintage crates

Quirky storage

It’s official - clinical cabinets are out. The latest storage designs are are all about glass cupboards and flea-market finds - perfect for displaying your vintage crockery and glassware. These upcycled apple crates are the perfect home for cookbooks and add a mightly dollop of personality.

Shaker kitchen with patterned tilesMuted elegance

Think of the Allendale as a modern spin on a traditional kitchen. The Shaker style doors have a simplicity that adds a modern touch and they come in three neutral tones. In fact, it’s the perfect balance between contemporary and classic - a bit of new, a bit of old, a bit of light and a bit of dark. The Ottoman Blue tiles add a rustic contrast to the muted colour scheme and provide the perfect talking point when you've got friends over for dinner.

Shaker kitchen with patterned tiles

Light the way

It’s no secret that the best way to transform a space is through clever lighting and here, there’s five different types of lighting to enhance each area. In-cabinet lamps show off the crockery, under-unit lights ensure brightness over the worktops while the enamelled pendant lamp over the table adds to a cosy dining experience.

Close up vintage accessories

A personal touch

This kitchen is all about less chintz and more charm. So it’s finished off with vintage touches such as reclaimed storage boxes, old jars and handmade ceramics. These give the space a certain charm that you don’t always find with brand new kitchens and importantly, it’s not too cluttered.