Inspiration: 12 Different Ways With Herringbone Tiles

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
6th July 2017
It’s time to read up on your right angles; herringbone tiles are totally on trend. After a little spell out the limelight, this classic laying pattern is now the number one choice when it comes to creating floors - and walls - with impact. But don’t worry, you don’t have to live in the Palace of Versailles to enjoy a stylish floor at home. Sure, parquet was perfected in the grandest of settings but we think the humble herringbone is just made for modern homes - it’s the perfect pattern today’s sophisticated interiors. And with our latest collection of designer tiles, it’s never been easier to give your walls and floors the touch of class they deserve. So read on to discover some of our favourite ways to tile with herringbones.

1. Five star floors

Time for a hands up, who doesn’t love a classic parquet floor? Admittedly, our survey of friends isn’t exactly scientific but one thing’s pretty certain; when it comes to creating an elegant floor, herringbone and timber are a match made in heaven. Our Woodwork Beige tiles come in a dapper 10 x 70 cm plank size that’s ideal for recreating the look at home. Oak Effect Herringbone Tiles

2. White on white

Our friends in Scandinavia certainly know a thing or two about style, especially when it comes to keeping things white and light. So for a look that’s straight off the Copenhagen catwalk, lay your white wall tiles on the diagonal and pair with a matching grout. It’s a great way to turn what could be a rather plain wall into a understated yet eye-catching feature. White Herringbone Tiles

3. Laid back luxe

There’s something so delightful about marble floors that always makes us want to start dancing with joy. So in our eyes, if you combine our Antique Marble or Saint Laurent tiles with a herringbone pattern then you’re onto a real winner - or relaxed glamour, as we like to say. Marble Herringbone Tiles Whisper it quietly but these actually made from Italian porcelain, so they cost a fraction of the real deal. But as the veins are so realistic you’d have to be a trained geologist to spot the difference!

4. Monochrome magic

Take it from us - for fashionable style on a budget you really can’t beat monochrome. Case in point, our Brix White brick-effect tiles. Just lay on an angle and dress them up with a dark grey grout for a dramatic finish with a modern edge. It’s a great way to add some bold personality to a sleek, glossy kitchen; the contrasting joints emphasise the zig-zag pattern and brick-like nature of the tiles. Monochrome Herringbone Tiles

5. Pared back paving

If you’re a fan of the less-is-more approach then you’ll love the latest looks, which are all about laying plain brick tiles in a herringbone format. Even hardcore minimalists are swapping the cold, clinical style for something a little more subtle and, dare we say it, sophisticated. Plain herringbone tiles So why not take a leaf out of their coffee table bibles and give your floors the Apple aesthetic? It’s the perfect way to soften a modern, handleless kitchen or add a dash of personality to a contemporary wet room floor.

6. Modern vintage

The latest interiors buzzword is ‘Modern Vintage’ and it’s all about combining heritage pieces with contemporary design. So with that in mind, we think our Terra Cotto porcelain tiles hit the sweet spot, especially when the pieces are laid at gorgeous right angles. Vintage Herringbone Tiles They’re inspired by traditional terracotta, but being made from porcelain means they’ll withstand the hustle and bustle of modern family homes. Lay them under your kitchen table to remind yourself of relaxing Mediterranean holidays every time you're sat down for dinner.

7. Rustic finishes

As any self-respecting fashionista knows, you can’t beat the rustic-luxe look when it comes to creating a warm, homely feel. And what could be more rustic than these soon-to-be-launched porcelain planks? Rustic Herringbone Wood Tiles Although they’re crafted in Spain using high-tech machinery, they’re so realistic you’ll think they’ve been reclaimed from an Alpine hideaway. Laying weathered wood tiles in a herringbone format highlights the worn, beaten effect. If you can’t wait for these planks to hit the shelves, why not check out our Driftwood Sand collection?

8. Exposed Edges

Looking to give your walls a modern edge? Then ditch the fancy tile trims - the latest swoon-worthy splashbacks are all about keeping the tile edges unfinished. Naturally, this look works particularly well with rectangular tiles, especially when laid herringbone. Herringbone tiles with exposed edges For more designer brownie points than you could ever wish for, paint your walls in a dark tone to contrast against lighter tiles. It’s a striking look that’s great if you’re working to a tight budget but still want maximum eye-candy.

9. Downsize

Tiles might get bigger each year but that we’ve always got a place in our hearts for tiny tiles, especially when they look this good. They’re mosaics, but not as we know them; the playful herringbone pattern has us swooning all over the place and is pretty much guaranteed to give any space the wow-factor. We're not sure why exactly, but there's something about these mosaics that really puts the tile into tactile, don't you think? Small Herringbone Mosaics

10. Power showers

If you need an extra kick from your morning shower, why not give your bathrooms walls the gift of herringbone tiles this summer? There’s something about the arrowhead style that gives us a little more oopmh when we're still a little sleepy. Herringbone Tiles Bathroom And the best thing is that you don’t need to go overboard on colour or pattern - plain and pastel tiles are perfect for this style, and provide a relaxed vibe for the rest of your room.

11. Tricky Transitions

Ahoy there! We’ve spotted a new trend on the horizons and it’s making us a little jiggy. If you’ve got different tiles in two adjoining rooms, why not ‘cut’ one tile into the other at the transition where they meet? It might be a little quirky, but we can’t think of a finer way to show the world that you’re the coolest cat around. Herringbone Tiles Transitions Although you’ll need a patient tiler for all those tricky cuts, your herringbone floor will be all over Instagram and Pinterest before your floor's even finished.

12. Perpendicular Planks

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t fall for the charms of creaky oak floorboards? Here at Porcelain Superstore, we’re easily seduced by a good wood floor - or rather, by a good wood-effect tiled floor. Especially when the planks look just like real oak. And especially when they're laid in a herringbone pattern. And of course, we’re stating the obvious when we point out that herringbones and wood tiles are the best match since, er, herringbones and real wood planks. But put that thought to one side for a moment and take a peek at our lovely Woodword Beige tiles. They’re the epitome of timeless elegance, don't you agree?