How To Style Your Bathroom With Terrazzo Tiles

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
13th April 2023

In recent years, terrazzo tiles have taken interiors by storm. Here's how to rock the look at home - in your bathroom, in particular.

From coasters to candle holders, terrazzo is everywhere these days - and tiles aren't immune to the speckled charm. Good news then, if you're looking to create a bathroom that feels pretty unique; this wonderful material will help you create a space that's full of individual charm. We'll show you how.

A neutral bathroom, updated

Using terrazzo tiles in a neutral bathroom

Grey tiles are a favourite in modern bathrooms, as they’ll help you style a look that’s clean and contemporary. However, if you’re worried that neutral tiles might be a little too plain, then look at grey terrazzo tiles instead. They’ll help you add a touch of pizzazz, without going over the top.

For example, in the bathroom above the speckled tiles help catch the eye and make a statement. Their hexagonal shape adds a funky geometric twist - a matching grout colour is used, so it doesn’t demand too much attention. The overall look is simple yet stylish, and matching the paint colour to some of the darker terrazzo chips really helps tie the whole scheme together.

Create a dazzling space

A white bathroom with terrazzo tiles

We all know the virtues of using white tiles in a bathroom - they’re perfect for a sleek, clinical space. Why not take the look to the next level by using white terrazzo tiles with multicoloured chips, adding a touch of fun and playfulness to your room, as shown in the bathroom above?

You can create a similar look at home with our Tutti Frutti tiles. Perfect for walls and floors, their coloured chips catch the light in a unique way, creating a dazzling look that’s sure to impress. The pop of colour works well in both large and small bathrooms, and will add a little extra joy to your daily routines. To really give your space that designer feel, why not match your furniture to some of the colours in the tiles?

Monochrome, modernised

Terrazzo tiles in a monochrome bathroom

If you’re looking for a fresh take on traditional monochrome, then consider pairing white terrazzo floor tiles with darker wall tiles in your bathroom. While black and white is a timeless colour combo, this unique twist will certainly make your room stand out.

In this loft bathroom, the pale terrazzo tiles add texture to the floor, while the midnight hues of the wall tiles provide a sharp contrast. It’s a look that’s anything but ordinary, adding a touch of sophistication to an already impressive space - and if the tiles don’t catch your eye, then the striking lines of the freestanding bath and basin certainly will!

Create a modern feature wall

Creating a feature wall with terrazzo tiles

Using terrazzo tiles for a feature wall allows you to make a statement without needing to retile your entire bathroom. Instead, you can choose to tile just one part of the bathroom - such as the shower area - and completely change the look and feel of the space. This is a cost-effective way to update your bathroom and give it a fresh, new look.

In this bathroom, the shower walls are clad in white terrazzo tiles. They provide a sharp contrast to the black wall tiles, defining the wet area and creating a focal point in the room - it’s particularly effective when space is at a premium, such as in smaller wet-rooms and en-suites.

Set the style foundations 

A bathroom twist with hexagon terrazzo tiles

A simple bathroom can be transformed into a modern space by combining white subway wall tiles with terrazzo flooring. It’s a combination that’s fresh, fun and confident - while the tiles will do some talking, they’ll also let the rest of your space stand out proud.

For example, in the bathroom above almost all the elements are white, from the tiles and grout to the furniture and towels. It’s a look that’s deliberately stark and minimal, so the whole emphasis is on bathing and relaxation. However, the terrazzo hexagons on the floor provide some gentle contrast, creating a foundation for an uber-contemporary room without detracting from the overall sleek aesthetic.

Dramatic style - with a twist

Using black terrazzo tiles for a dramatic bathroom style

Going dark in your bathroom is a time-honoured way to create a cosy and intimate space. A great way to achieve this, without going down the all-black route, is to layer our Tutti Frutti Dark tiles against lighter grey wall and floor tiling. It’s an unexpected and striking look - and one that’s sure to impress.

The beauty of using terrazzo tiles in this way is that they’ll add depth and texture at eye-level, rather than being relegated to the floor. A twist on the moody style, it’s actually quite a glamorous look and adding in wall lighting will help ensure that the speckled chips catch the light beautifully, for a sophisticated finish.

Refined and restful

Grey terrazzo tiles in a modern wetroom

We often associate terrazzo with playful and fun designs, but they can also be used to create a bathroom that’s the epitome of glamorous sophistication. Larger format tiles with bigger chips are the key in this case - they offer a more refined alternative to the smaller chips you expect to see.

In this modish wet-room, the terrazzo tiles play a huge part in tying the understated-meets-glam scheme together. Their chips are neutral toned rather than colourful, so they’ll catch the eye without demanding too much attention. The warm pink hue of the rose-gold brassware compliments the mid-grey terrazzo tones, helping to create a cohesive and stylish look that won’t date over time.

Fresh and inviting

White terrazzo tiles in a bathroom

If you’re worried that terrazzo might be too trend-driven for your home, then fear not. Sure, tiles like Arlo Light might be achingly cool, but they can be combined in a way that feels fresh and inviting, rather than funky and exciting.

In this bathroom, Arlo tiles are laid on the floor and part way up the wall, with green subway tiles finishing the look. With the mix of materials, there’s a sense of balance and the overall space feels relaxing and calm. It’s a design that feels just right - and sitting somewhere between classic and contemporary, it’s perfect for family bathrooms in any kind of property.

Ready, steady, tile!

Our beautiful examples have hopefully inspired you to use speckled tiles on your next bathroom project. So whether you're looking to redo your entire space, or perhaps just freshen up a splashback or wall, why not discover our terrazzo tiles today?