Get The Look - Farmhouse Kitchen

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th May 2022

Rustic charm and wholesome vibes abound in a country-chic farmhouse kitchen. Making use of old-school kitchen design, natural materials, and handmade accents make for a homely space that looks like the smell of freshly baked bread. And here are 5 steps to curate your own.


Step 1: Rustic colours

Earthy shades of green, dusty blues, and other soft nature-inspired tones give off a country vibe. Beige, powder blue, sage, and mustard are all calmingly charming, making the space inviting but fresh. Standard neutrals such as creams, greys, whites, and even black are also key.


Images from: Duanne Simon and Nordic House


Step 2: Organic materials

Wooden floors, cabinets, worktops, cupboards, chairs, and tables are the essence of country. They add rustic texture, depth, and character, and can be mixed and matched as much as you like. Stone worktops and brick walls have the same effect, emphasising the rural vibe and channelling country.


Images from: Trevor Smith and Jean Allsopp


Step 3: Planning storage

Farmhouse kitchens often need plenty of space for produce and large earthenware pots. This can be in the form of open shelving that can be both decorative and functional, island units that offer room for baskets or drawers, or standard cabinets that can be used to add colour. Other iconic farmhouse storage ideas include dressers for crockery, tea towels, and glasses, inbuilt bench-seating, or tucked away larders. You can never have too much storage in the kitchen so try to make the most of each element.


Images from: Brian Woodcock and The Cotswold Company


Step 4: The island

Many farmhouse kitchens incorporate large island units into their design. These can be inbuilt and designed for seating, chosen for decorative storage, or can simply be multi-purpose wooden tables perfect for food prep or dining. To get a similar island unit effect without using up too much space, a wooden caddy could be the perfect choice.


Images from: Jean Allsopp and Michael Paul/Living Inside


Step 5: The sink and the oven

A large white sink and statement range cooker are both quintessential farmhouse items. But both can take up a large amount of the kitchen. If space is an issue try a vintage style tap with a smaller, modern sink, or accessorise the oven with a sweet statement hood.


Images from: Max Kim-Bee and David A Land


Shop farmhouse kitchen looks: Brix Red, Dorset Ivory, Country Duck Egg, Country Dove Grey, Ripples Green, Arteak Castano, Hoxton Ice, Croft Cotto, Cotto Carta, Ardesia Almond, Ludlow Tungate, or Alderley Walnut.