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Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
17th January 2022

Curate a space full of personality and worldly charm by bringing boho chic to the bedroom. With so many elements to include and a chilled out vibe to perfect, we’ve created a little step by step guide to make it easier.


Step 1: The colours

Soft, gentle shades such as white, cream, sage, and mocha are ideal choices to begin creating a relaxing space. Earthy tones from ochre and burnt orange to brown and olive green ground the space whilst jewel tones from amethyst to emerald add a layer of creativity. Mixing any and/or all of these colours is a great start on the journey to a boho bedroom.


Image from: @thejoshuatreehouse

Step 2: The materials

Organic fabrics such as cotton and linen are perfect for bedding, particularly when layered with knitted blankets and velvet pillows. Other naturally textured materials such as wood, hessian, and rattan are best suited to furniture and details.

 Image from: Anthropologie

Step 3: The motifs

Layered patterns are essential to create a comfy, cosy boho style bedroom. Mix geometric motifs such as zig-zag, basketweave, and fret with more organic, curved designs such as clover and quatrefoil. Other patterns such as ikat and flame stitch are also perfectly at home amongst boho stylings.


Image from: Urban Outfitters

Step 4: The furniture

Pieces utilising natural materials, particularly wood, are most common in boho spaces. Whether it’s a homemade pallet bed, an iconic peacock chair, or a woven overhead lamp wood is definitely key. Vintage pieces, floor cushions, and even a unique tiled headboard are some other ways to bring the boho.


Image from: Green Wedding Shoes

Step 5: The details

Amongst the layered patterns and materials should be a few details. We’re talking fringe, tassels, and even sequins. These can be on rugs, throws, cushions, wall hangings or lights, and anywhere the details can be enjoyed. Greenery, dried flowers, and foliage in general is the final touch that brings everything together.

Image from: Overstock


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