Get The Look - Scandi Chic Homes

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
7th June 2021

Scandinavian design has proved popular year on year with its minimalist aesthetic and simple design rules. Combining chic living with functionality helps create spaces that serve both mentally and physically, favouring practicality over clutter without skimping on style.

The preferred tones for Scandi chic are neutral, with either the warm tones of sand and beige, or cooler greys and whites having a home. But pale shades aren’t the only colours available. An abundance of natural materials (especially wood) offer layers of personality, whilst dusty blues and even mustard add to the aesthetic.

To help along with styling your Scandi Chic space, we’ve selected a few pieces from our collections.

Classic neutrals

The most obvious choice for a minimalist Scandi Chic design is a selection of neutrals. Clean, open, and tranquil, an interior filled with calming tones offers relaxation and clarity. Combining these neutrals with varies shades and textures allows for freedom and the addition of character and personal style.

Nature’s neutrals

Pale woods, painted woods, and gorgeous grained surfaces are an iconic feature of Scandi Chic spaces. We have an abundance of fabulous imitation woods in a huge host of styles, perfect to polish off a stylish space.

Notes of colour

To add a touch of delicate décor to calm, neutral spaces, a hint of colour in a few select tones can be just what is needed. Mustard yellows, deep blues, and notes of pale blues each offer the perfect touch of Scandi shades.