Hexagon Tiles - 5 Ways To Style Your Home With Honeycomb

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
19th May 2017
Although Coco Chanel probably had a black dress in mind when she declared that ‘fashion fades, only style remains the same’, she may well have been thinking about hexagon tiles. We can’t exactly pin down why we find these polygons so mesmerising, but we figure that a large part comes from the pleasing geometric pattern that hexagons form. If you’ve visited the Giant’s Causeway or you’re fascinated by bees and honeycomb, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Utterly bee-lightful, if you'll excuse the pun. And right now, six-sided tiles are taking centre stage in the design world. You can put your large slabs and polished concretes to one side; if it’s hip and happening that you’re after, hexagons are the answer. Let’s take a look at some great ways to style your home with nature’s favourite shape.

Small And Mighty Hexagon Mosaics

It almost seems it were de rigueur for fashionistas in the early twentieth century to cover their floors in tiny hexagon mosaics. Not that we’re complaining - it’s a look that’s truly stood the test of time. And if you’re a keen Pinterest-er like myself (is that even a word…?) then there’s a high chance you’re already familiar with this style. Simply take a room - bathrooms seem to work well here - cover the floor in dinky black or white hexagons and finish with a contrasting grout colour. That's all there is to it, but boy does it look good. Get the look with our Microhex Black and White Mosaics.

Add A Touch Of Lux To Your Kitchen

Marble is undeniably chic. Fact. So why not combine marble with hexagons and take the glamour to a whole new level? We’ve got a huge soft spot for natural Calacatta and Carrara but sadly, not the deep pockets to pay! There’s no need to fret though, when you can fake it with these Italian hexagonal tiles. In fact, you’d struggle to notice the difference between these porcelain versions and real marble - they’ve got all the sophisticated grey veins you’d expect and cost a whole lot less. Just the trick for elegant kitchen splash-backs. Keep an eye out - we’ll be adding these ranges in summer 2017

Bathrooms With Hex Appeal

Just moved house or planning a refurb? Then you’ll know that bathrooms demand some serious attention when it comes to style. So forget about functional and think of the form - hexagons are where the action’s at. Don’t be afraid to get your creative juices flowing - there’s no set rules here. We love the monochrome tones in the first bathroom - there’s something so sexy about the freestanding bath set against the black hexagons. But you don’t have to go dark to go dramatic; our Fairmont hexagon mosaics will turn your walls into works of marble art. http://www.digsdigs.com/photos/2016/12/37-black-hexagon-tiles-on-the-floors-and-walls-for-a-masculine-bathroom.jpg

Hexagon Tiles For Eye-Popping Walls And Floors

Love the idea of hexagons but after something a little more contemporary? Look no further than the classic cube-meets-hexagon tile design. It’s something of a classic and with good reason; the 3D cube effect is a sure-fire way to makes you walls and floors pop with joy. Finished in shades of grey, our Transit Decor hexagon tiles are a modern take and come with matching plain tiles to help co-ordinate your space. For a similar style with a little more oomph, check out our Rombo Tex hexagons. The added texture is a guaranteed way to wow your crowd.

Patchwork Polygons That Pack A Punch

These days, you don’t need to be a fashion designer to create your own bespoke look. Just take some of our patchwork hexagon tiles and you’ll be able to create walls and floors that are literally too hot to handle. And one of a kind to boot. But don’t just take our word for it - tile your porches, patios and hallways in our Moroccan Mix hexagons and we guarantee your guests will squeal with joy. Or if you're after dramatic looks with a little less drama, check out our Memory Decor Hexagons. Although they’re a tad more muted, use them in your public areas and they’re still make a great talking point.