Get the Look - Warm Coloured Kitchens

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
10th January 2022
Comforting tones are in for 2022, especially in the kitchen. Cabinets, worktops, floors, and walls are all set to embrace warmer shades so we’ve collected some inspirational examples with a few tips to recreate the looks.



The many shades of terracotta offer warmth from the floor up in this kitchen by Taylor + Taylor. The neutral cabinets have a slight creaminess to them that stands out against the white tiled backsplash.

Create a similar look with our Siena Cotto and Atelier White tiles, and a lick of pale paint.


The gorgeous kitchen of the Jungalow design studio is the epitome of warmth. Deep orange walls, richly toned décor tiles, and natural woods offer the needed colour whilst the cooler toned fridge, cabinets, and floor add to the charm.

Create a similar look with our Sunset Lily tiles, matching paint for the walls, and cabinets in contrasting colours such as teal, deep blue, or aquamarine.




This simplistic nature-inspired kitchen renovation from Stewart Schafer creates warmth with wood. Covering almost every surface including the beams and chairs, this pale wood offers just enough depth of colour to be inviting, whilst being light enough for the space to feel airy. Dark elongated subway tiles add a pocket of shadow that further enriches the woody tones.

Create a similar look with our Brooklyn Blue tiles, oddles of wood, and white everywhere else.


@kuzman.architecture photography @tatjanaplitt

A blended backsplash is what adds the warmth to this gorgeous kitchen by Kusman Architecture. Rich terracotta tiles mix with a dark, heavily speckled terrazzo for a complex look that is both stylish and homely.

Create a similar look with our Clays Cotto and Arlo Dark tiles.



With this second kitchen from the design masters at Jungalow it’s the bar that bringing warmth. Fabulously tiled in a two toned diamond motif it pulls the eye in and towards the wooden floor causing the white walls and ceilings to appear much higher and the space to feel bright.

Create a similar look with our Sunset Astro, Countrywide White, and Timber Brown tiles