Five Ways Texture Transforms The Bathroom

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
22nd January 2021

We’ve previously shared a stunning selection of kitchens that made great use of textured and zellige style tiles to create something special with their space. To complement that collection, and to demonstrate the superb simplicity in textured tile décor, we’ve compiled a list of five incredible bathrooms that let these tiles take centre stage.

White Décor

In the bathroom below, designed by Beautiful Space Co, it’s white zellige tiles that decorate the walls. Their plain neutrality offers something of a seaside look, with the organic tile textures imitating undulating waves, and light creating shades of white that dance across the uneven surface.

Image Credit - Beautiful Space Co.


The calming colour invites relaxation, whilst equally providing a backdrop for added vibrancy through textiles, fixtures, or indoor plants. Our Zellige Pearl tiles, with their high-gloss finish and hand-crafted-look surface, are the perfect way to imitate this look.

Zellige Pearl is ideal for that rustic, country style

Bold Greenery

Studio DIY’s bathroom renovation focused on a powerful shade of green to transform its attitude. With these beautifully rich zellige tiles complete with tonal variety and tactile textures, the space becomes wholly welcoming with nods to both nature and modernity.

Image Credit - Studio DIY

Paired with delicate pink sinks and light fittings, as well as white walls and wooden cabinets, the bright green tiles captivate whilst simultaneously expanding and defining the room. Our Zellige Teal tiles offer a similar level of vibrancy with a delightful range of texture and tone.

Zellige Teal

Pretty in Pink

This cute pink shower imagined by the designers at ETC.etera offers a huge selection of shades. Ranging from pale brown, to bubble gum pastels, and from earthy orange to peach, these textured zellige tiles create a unique space that allows you to find something different every time you look at it.

Image Credit - ETC.etera


Making use of one colour in this bold way allows the rest of the room to be as plain or playful as you like, whilst maintaining a feature that can tone down the space, or act as its accent.

Zellige-y hexagons - yep, that's Ella Pink


Our textured Ella Pink hexagon tiles are significantly subtler in their variation and tonal celebration, but still provide assorted décor with their shape, colour, and surface texture.

Brilliantly Black

This bathroom designed by Studio Giancarlo Valle was arranged to take full advantage of the handcrafted look of zellige tiles.

Image Credit - Studio Giancarlo Valle


Creating an artisanal antique atmosphere by including a Moroccan sink and vintage mirror, and emphasising chic interior with dark stone, this small bathroom is transformed into a simple, stylish oasis.

Zellige Black

Dwell Black


Our Zellige Black and Dwell Black tiles offer the same glamorous depth of tone, with a gloss surface that highlights the charming texture.

Gorgeous Grey

Turning simple grey zellige tiles on their head, this bathroom by Lauren Haskett Fine Design creates a sublime old-world feel that embraces the gold light fixtures and antique mirror.

Image Credit - Lauren Haskett Fine Design


The neutrality of grey means it works equally in modern and traditional spaces, whilst the handcrafted look of zellige provides both a vintage flair, and satisfies the contemporary trend for items that are unique and artisanal.

Zellige Grey - the perfect foil for Shaker-style kitchen units


Our Zellige Grey are the ideal dupe, with uneven edges, a large range of neutral tones, and subtle surface texture.