Five Tiles To Warm The Home

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
24th November 2020

With the cold weather upon us, we’ve compiled a list of ways to add a little extra warmth to the home. Being fantastically versatile, tiles can offer a whole lot more than a simple surface. They can add personality, atmosphere, and heaps of style, and here are a few ways they can provide something a little ‘snug’.

Rustic Rust Tones

A beautiful shade for all seasons, rust is romantic and layered. Enhancing spaces with texture and earthy intrigue, rust’s natural warmth is a wonderful option for the home.

lightbox container

Croft Cotto

Our Croft Cotto provides a handsomely decorative terracotta texture complete with shade variation and slight marks of wear.

Rich Reds

A classically warm colour, red is a clear choice for instantaneous interior warmth. It’s a bold, brave option, but one that makes a space spectacularly unique. Used as a signature skirting or fabulous feature splash back, rich reds will offer a homely feel to get you through cold winter nights.

Our Albert’s Chestnut Brown, shown above, is a stunning example, rich not only in tone but Victorian charm.

Gorgeous Grains

Natural textures and organic looks have the wonderful magic of adding a very defined charisma to interior spaces. Wood-looks are especially good at creating warmth, as we'll see below.

Alberta Brown
Amsterdam Castano
Madison Cherry

With so many options to choose from, homes can be transformed into anything from a stylish country cottage to a comforting log cabin. Madison Cherry, Amsterdam Castano, and Alberta Brown are just some of our wood-effect tiles on offer.

Generous Grout

Sometimes it’s the grout that can make tiles sing, or in this case, make a home feel cosy. Using grout to this effect can work with almost any tile, although is most effective with mosaics. Simply using a darker, or warm hued grout can completely change the look of mosaics. For example, a slightly warm-toned grey grout used with our Allure Hex, shown below, allows the warm tones of the reds and gold to pop.

Allure Hex

Larger tiles can be transformed with similar effect, using grout to highlight different elements of the tile, or to produce varying styles.

Here, the dark grey grouting contrasts against Brix White, adding warmth to the walls

Using a white grout against white tiles will create a bright, sterile look, whilst using a dark grey highlights the tile layout for a sophisticated design. Coloured grouts allow for subtle shade hints to mimic interior paint, furniture, or decorative accents.

Playful Patterns

The use of pattern is a sure-fire way of creating a space full of warmth and character. This is especially the case when utilising tiles that have rich tones, such as red, orange, mustard, purple, and other royal shades.

Lisbon Vintage

The earthy ochre yellows in our Lisbon Vogue and Lisbon Vintage have an inviting charm and demonstrate this effect beautifully.

Lisbon Vintage