Five Simple Ways To Use Tiles In The Garden

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
6th October 2020

1 - Perfect Patio

Modus Grey Outdoor Slabs - 90 x 90 cm

Terrace Oak Outdoor Planks - 30 x 120 cm

The classic patio is the obvious place for tiles and with so many options, from imitation wood to decorative designs, now is the time to revamp a tired patio. Achieving a classic look of wooden planks without the maintenance, or a slate-look floor that is much more durable than the real thing are two traditional and charming ways to use tile. But for gardens that need a punch of colour, there are plenty of frost-proof designs that can completely transform a space.

2 - Decorative Walls

With garden spaces you can really get creative with tiles. Take for example the humble wall, tiles are the perfect addition to add colour and personality by choosing pieces that might be a little too loud for the home but can look wonderful when surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Image Credit – The Pacific Horticulture Society

Walls are also a space to use tiles as art, not just as a surface covering. Intricate, unique styles used individually on a plain white stucco wall can make a home or garden fantastically characterful.

3 - Tiled Planters

For those that love a DIY project, customising planters with tiles is a wonderful way to while away the time.

Image Credit - Home Depot

Image Credit - Rebecca Naylor

Whether it’s sheet mosaics, mosaics made from chipped and broken fragments, or simply larger square tiles, decorating your own planter is satisfying, practical, and cost effective. You can even make your own planter directly out of the tiles themselves - or why not use up the sample tiles we sent?

4 - Sheds That Sing

Although garden sheds are usually wooden and therefore all tend to look the same, a touch of tile can really make the difference.

Image Credit - Jude Morrah

Try out tiles on the walls, floor, door, roof or window sills to personalise your shed. Ensuring your tiles will have a good surface that won’t be prone to bending or warping, and making sure to take precautions regarding moisture levels, will allow the shed to become a fantastic canvas for creativity.

5 - Garden Furniture

Another potential DIY project, although there are plenty of ready-made options on the market, is tiled garden furniture.

Image Credit - Whole Home News

Whether it is a table, a bench, or a set of chairs, tiles can make them all extraordinarily beautiful.

Image Credit - Classical Addiction