Finding your feature wall

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
22nd February 2021

A feature wall is an interior go-to. They offer so much freedom and room for play, allowing more dramatic designs to shine, adventuring into an unusual colour palette, or utilising textures and tactile effects for depth and intrigue.

Some simple ideas for feature walls include a standard paint-job or decorative wallpaper, both of which can be cost-effective whilst updating a tired interior or accentuating space. But there are some even more exciting options that can still be a DIY project, and for us, some of the best ideas involve tile.

Classic Tiles

A simple show stopping design that decorates from floor to ceiling can be just what a space needs to overhaul its look. Whether you’re looking to darken or lighten a space, or add intrigue or playfulness, a fantastic colour pop, textured design, or intricate pattern could be just whats needed.

Pale embossed splashback
Shiraz Pearl has a distinct embossed surface that's super easy to keep clean

Something delightfully subtle like our Shiraz Pearl is perfect for this, with its neutral tones and gentle surface texture whilst our Highline Copper tiles are ideal to craft a moody industrial space with the unique allure of weathered copper.

Wall Trims

Making use of levels and breaking up flat surfaces can do wonders when creating a unique feature wall. If it’s an open space without much clutter, a simple tiled skirting could be just what’s needed to add a touch of detail.

Or if there are multiple items of furniture at various heights, creating a similarly decorative Dado Rail from a favourite tile can organise a space with flair. Turn tiles on their heads to experience the tiles in a new, diamond shaped, way. The beautiful motifs on our lovely Fiesta tiles (shown below) or the abstract shapes of our Tivoli Mix range are perfect for this.

Fiesta Wall Feature
Use Fiesta to give your walls a Moroccan flavour

Arty Feature

Only a small amount of tiles would be needed for an arty feature. Choose your favourite tiles and create a simple shape, whether it’s a cross, a rectangle, or half of a brick wall, and let the tiles do the talking. Here they act as a permanent art piece that won’t dull with time.


Material Combos

For a more involved DIY project, try combining multiple materials, whether it is as straight forward as combining a tiled Dado Rail with some wooden wainscoting, or creating an entirely personal set of shapes and features from wood, incorporating paint tone and tile into the design.

We love this beautiful DIY example above from Love Create Celebrate and we can only imagine how perfectly tiles would complement the design. Fitz and Melange Almond are just two tiles that come to mind. Or add a wood-look tile to a wood-look feature, such as our Alberta Brown.

Interior Arch Décor

Sometimes it’s a smaller space that needs a makeover, and one that is most welcoming to tiles is the interior arch. Let your archway be a beautiful portal with perfectly tiled insides. Ideal to add glamour, an old-world feel, a brilliant pop of colour, or a simply stunning motif.

 Mexican Arch

Texture and Colour Contrast Combos

Use plain and embossed tiles to stagger textural intrigue and combine and contrast colours to help special elements sing. For example, paint with a vibrant aqua or peachy pink and mix with our Tutti Frutti Dark. Or take the beautiful blue from Lisbon Vogue to fill a space with half paint and half tile. A little texture in the form of our Amalfi Ivory Décor tiles - shown below - creates an extra ‘touch’ of detail.

There is so much fun to have with a feature wall and we haven’t covered the half of it, but hopefully these ideas will help creativity flow, and inspire your next project.

Amalfi Decor Tile