Grey Floor Tiles: Everything You Need To Know

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
1th February 2018

In recent years, grey has dominated the design world like nothing else, gracing everything from high-end furniture to high-street fashion. And while grey floor tiles have always been popular, over the last eighteen months we’ve seen an influx of exciting new designs that have elevated this humble hue. But if you want to go grey, it can be hard to find your perfect tile - after all, there’s more shades than you can shake a saucy book at. Fear not, we’re here to help. Read on to discover all you need to know when it comes to grey floor tiles.


Different Types of Grey Floor Tiles

Grey tiles are unapologetically stark and minimal, right? Well, that’s partially true. While a good deal of today’s grey tiles are intended for modern floor spaces, there’s plenty of designs that offer a different touch. There’s wood effect planks with a rustic feel, marble-style slabs that scream of luxury and patterned pieces for a retro vibe. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular types of grey floor tiles.


Grey Concrete Floor Tiles

Concrete Effect Grey Tiles

Create a seamless, uncluttered look in your living space with oversize, concrete effect floor tiles. They’re ideal for injecting the modern, minimal touch.



Grey Patterned Tiles

Grey Patterned Tiles

If you want a work of art under your feet, grey geometric tiles are a great place to start. They’re a practical way to add a fun, playful touch into any room.


Wood Effect Chevron Tile


Grey Wood Effect Tiles

Calming and elegant, grey wood effect tiles are the ideal backdrop for open-plan kitchens. Choose porcelain planks that have depth and texture to take this decorating staple to the next level; the contrast inherent in Chevron Grey adds detail to the expansive floor space in the image above.

Grey Hexagon Tiles

Grey Hexagon Tiles

Interesting shapes and sizes are a great way to add life to a smaller space. So for an on-point look, why not combine the emergence of hexagon tiles with the trend for shades of grey?



Grey Stone Effect Tiles

Grey Stone-Effect Tiles

When it comes to stone tiles, we naturally think of cream and beiges tones. But grey stone tiles can be soothing; here, they transform a bedroom into a cocoon of calm.


Sizes of Grey Floor Tiles

Tiles have come a long way since the days when a square foot tile was considered a big deal. These days, there’s a wealth of sizes available, so it’s easy to find a product to compliment your space. Let’s take a closer look.

Grey Tiles in Open Plan Room

Big is Better

Along with open-plan living spaces, a key trend in interior design is for ‘flow’ from room to room. Large format floor tiles are key to this style; with fewer grout gaps they give the appearance of a seamless floor space. Naturally, grey tones work perfectly with this modern style - pick tiles with rectified edges to allow for smaller joints.

Grey Brick Tiles

Break the Mould

Who says neutrals can’t be interesting? Not us. Rather than lay brick tiles in the usual half-bond fashion, why not lay them herringbone to give your floors an artistic edge?


Grey Plank Tiles


Style begins beneath your feet so turn your living room into a designer abode with grey wood planks. Their naturally long shape draws the eye; stagger the joints at random for a more organic feel.


Rectangular Grey Tiles


One Size Fits All

Although tiles might come in all manners of shapes and sizes, we think the humble 30 x 60 cm could just be the perfect fit. Big enough to command attention yet slender enough to fit into a cosy kitchens, we’d recommend these tiles for almost any space. Lay with a brick-bond pattern and you’ve got a new floor that’ll outlast any fashion whims.

Looks You Can Achieve

Neutral have always been a go-to choice, but with so many grey tiles around it can be difficult to know where to start. There's something on offer for everyone, whether you're after pared-back minimalism or in search of a dramatic style statement. So for a little inspiration, we’ve broken down some of our favourite ways to play with grey. The sky, as ever, is the limit.

Polished Grey Tiles

Understated Glam

Luxe living doesn’t always mean over-the-top opulence. A restrained grey palette can be just as indulgent, especially with polished grey floor tiles.

Elegant Grey Tiles

Timeless Elegance

At first, grey might seem intimidating but it’s all about how you use it - darker tones can actually help make a room feel cosy. Here, the deep stone palette provides an elegant base for what could easily be a relatively stark space.


Rustic Grey Tiles

Country Style

If you fancy a bit of classical style for your floors, grey’s probably not the first colour that springs to mind. But not all grey tiles are modern and minimal; pick one with subtle movement and texture for a quiet, rustic appeal.


Industrial Grey Tiles


Urban Chic

Loft living has moved beyond a strict monochrome palette; these days, the balance between past and present is key to the city-living aesthetic. Here, large-format porcelain tiles act as a canvas for the rest of the space. Exposed fittings and retro furniture add oodles of soul.

Where Can I Use Grey Floor Tiles?

Want the easy answer? Pretty much everywhere! One of the joys of modern porcelain tiles is that the old rule book has been well and truly thrown away - grey tiles are suitable for almost any floor.


Grey Tiles Living Room

Living Space

Fact - grey is here to stay. But even if your tastes change over time it’s worth investing in grey tiles - you can simply change the rest of your decor when you need something new.



Grey Bathroom Tiles


For an up-to-date look, opt for grey porcelain planks in your bathroom. Not only do they look just like real wood, they’re virtually waterproof so you don’t need to worry about splashes or puddles.



Grey Tiles Outdoor


Whilst we don’t always get the sun, there’s little doubt that here in the UK, we’re big fans of al-fresco living. So why not continue your new floor tiles outside? It’s the perfect way to enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.



Grey Kitchen Floor Tiles


Kitchens present a challenge to floor tiles: not only must they great, they must also perform at the highest levels. Grey tiles are guaranteed to work with almost any existing decor; they’ll also take all the spills and stains from family life.