Get The Look - Killer Kitchen Splashback

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
15th August 2017
There’s no denying that these days, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Thanks to open-plan living, it’s as much a space to gossip with friends over a G&T as it is a place to chop and cook. And naturally, with our kitchens taking centre stage it’s vital that they look the part. Of course, with deep pockets, it’s easy to have a lovely room but we think there’s far more to interesting homes than just a bulging bank balance. Actually, if you’re brave with your ideas and invest part of your personality into a space, you can end up with some truly spectacular style. More often that not, the splashback is the first element we notice when we enter a room, so it’s vital to make things stand out. And the great thing is, you can celebrate your personal taste without blowing your budget with our range of eye-catching splashback tiles. Read on to discover how.

1. Marble, Marble on the Wall

Is there anything nicer than a slab of gorgeous Carrara marble for your kitchen splashback? Turns out there is actually - how about a wall of marble bricks, for starters? We’re head over heels for the modern-rustic style perfected by Plain English kitchens above. White marble just oozes class but sometimes, it can be pared back to the point of no return. Not in this case - we love the contrast with the dark blue cabinets and how the oversized height of the splashback plays with scale and perception. It’s a look that whispers timeless elegance but stands out enough to make a luxurious impact. Marble Splashback Get a similar style at home with Antique Marble on your walls and our brand new Chevron Oak tiles on your floor. The Antique tiles are made in Italy and look and feel just like natural marble, but cost a fraction of the price.

2. Pattern Play

Viewed as a large blank canvas, kitchen walls are ripe with creative opportunities. So why opt for plain metro tiles when you can go wild with decorative tiles? They’re the flavour of the month, and we’ve got a huge array of patterns and colours to suit your show-stopping space. However, you don’t necessarily need to opt for the zaniest design to add interest and impact. Take a leaf out of Rock My Style’s fashion-forward vibe add some wow to a traditional kitchen with our Heritage Star tiles. Their monochrome design works really well if you already have a neutral kitchen and you want to add some interest without bringing in colour. Patterned Tile - Splashback As you can see above, by just changing the tiles the kitchen gains a focal point with immediate impact. The close-up below shows the faded style of Heritage Star - you won't ever get tired of looking at these beauties! Patterned Tiles Splashback - Close up

3. Off the Wall

When it comes to classic appeal, you really can’t beat the organic warmth of a wooden floor. But what if we suggested cladding your walls in wood as well? Sure, it’s unconventional, but it’s also unexpected and will add a touch of drama to any kitchen, without necessarily straying from neutral. Wood Tiles Splashback Open-plan kitchens can sometimes feel a little bare and bland, so oak accent walls can lend authenticity as expertly demonstrated in this London townhouse above (with thanks to Studio Ore). Before you say it, we know that natural timber is a no-no when there’s all manner of oils and wines close to hand, which is where our wood-effect tiles come in - they look just as good and are really easy to keep clean, an important point for a feature wall. For extra style points, introduce a shot of pale Alpine Ash or dark and dramatic Artisan Black. The rustic appeal of Woodcraft Musk is perfect to incorporate against a contemporary kitchen, where the natural imperfections really stand out against a smooth surface.

4. All Hail the Hexagons!

As all dedicated designistas know, hexagon tiles are the decorating must-have for 2017. And when it comes to swoon-worthy splashbacks, these groovy geometrics tick all the right boxes. According to Kelly Wearstyler, an LA-based designer to Hollywood stars, “geometrics create a beautiful tension and add dimensional conversation into a space.” So, in other words, whether you opt for the classic elegance of Marmi Hex or the playful 3D pattern of Cube Mix Hex, you’re pretty much guaranteed to create a tactile wall that demands instant attention. Hexagon Tiles Splashback Marmi Hex and Cube Mix Hex - both guaranteed to turn your kitchen walls into a conversation starter.

5. Cool Chevrons

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen walls in the near future, then put chevron tiles on your ‘ones to watch’ list. This zig-zag pattern has recently emerged as a key trend and the mitred edges are a sure-fire way to add personality-rich touches to your walls. Chevron Tiles - Splashback And by their very nature, chevrons ensure plenty of visual interest, even if you’re working to a strict neutral palette. Check out our Arrows White tiles in the image above - the sleek gloss finish contrasts perfectly against the traditional cabinets and the monochrome pattern adds a healthy dose of ‘look-at-me’ panache. Feeling inspired? Great! Have a look through our collection and take your kitchen ambitions off the back burner.