Defending Disappearing Decor

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
14th May 2020

Our friends at have still more wondrous things to share, for the transformational possibilities of tile are virtually endless. In fact, here is the perfect example of how tiles really can be placed anywhere, and make pretty much anything better.

Bould-ly does it...

In Blankenberge Square (Blankenberge is a Belgian town on the North Sea and one of the best-kept secrets in West Flanders) Portuguese artist Dalila Gonçalves has achieved the seemingly impossible: to tile the rough and lumpy surface of boulders. Aiming to comment on how decoration is disappearing from architecture, with clean, sleek, minimalist looks winning favour over intricate decors, or even tiled façades, Gonçalves decorates the un-decoratable.

The boulders, collectively titled Kneaded Memory, now feature tiles bent in extraordinary ways. Taking inspiration from her home country of Portugal, and that of the boulder’s local Blankenberge region, the designs have been chosen specifically to honour and mirror both artist and location. By using knowledge of traditional Portuguese ceramic tile craftsmanship, and a selection of patterns from the local area, the two are expertly combined in this intriguing, multifaceted mash-up.

With each tile carefully moulded to fit the uneven surface on which it will rest, the installation serves as a reminder that everything deserves decoration, and the time and effort are sure to be worth it.

Exquisitely moulded tiles