Dark Cabinets For The Kitchen

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
11th November 2020

Dark cabinets can seem quite daunting, shrinking space and looming intimidatingly around a room that should be comforting and homely. But with the right styling dark cabinets can create stunning spaces and chic kitchens, it can all depend on the tiling. We’ve compiled a few examples to demonstrate how dark cabinets can be just what your kitchen needs.

Terrazzo and Texture

In the kitchen below, designed by Roundhouse Designs, a mysterious mood is set with dark cabinets juxtaposed expertly against white walls filled with light and a patinated bronze island.

Additional lightness is added by the pale grey terrazzo flooring whilst a subtle feature is made of the far wall with deep green textured tiles. The space takes elements from traditional design with panelled cabinetry and adds a modern spin with dark colours, metallic accents and clean, sleek lines.

Fez Ivry

Dwell Emerald

To match the floor and walls in your own home our Arlo Blue is a beautiful terrazzo imitation that combines warm and cool tones. We also have some fantastic dupes for the textured green tiles such as our Fez Ivy zellige style, our elongated metro Dwell Emerald tiles, or our rich inky Crackle Bottle Green subway tiles.

Arlo Blue

Personalising a design like this is simple, altering fixtures to your taste, installing a more subtle island cabinet, or utilising the space behind the kitchen hood to produce a highly colourful feature.

Country Opulence

This Manor House kitchen design by Chiselwood utilises a similar mix of modern and traditional with beige wall panels, decorative ceiling moulding, dark grey grained cabinets, metallic fixtures, and vibrant furnishings. The look is completed by the grey/brown inlaid wood flooring which provides a homely touch and country vibe.

Our Windsor Dark (shown below) works perfectly as a wood-look imitation of this kitchen’s flooring. The wood here really completes the look, cementing the warmth, highlighting the natural elements of the cabinets, and preventing the room from being sterile or without character.

Windsor Dark parquet tiles

The dark grey cabinets offer a lot of room for play as metal accents can be altered to fit personal preference. The wall’s panelling could be home to colourful tiling, or a subtle white herringbone pattern, and the island unit could become a decorative focal point.

Rich and Cosy

For a smaller kitchen dark cabinets may seem like a bad idea as large expanses of dark colours can make a space look smaller and cramped. But with the right tiles and styles, a dark set of cabinets can create a space full of warmth and character.

White tiles provide a light contrast to the darker cabinets

There are many ways to achieve a fantastic look with dark cabinets and a small space, for example, adding light with white tiles on the walls and floors, adding comfort and interest with natural materials, or producing a monochrome feature kitchen with decorative tiles that work to make dark cabinetry an asset.

To create a stunningly simple kitchen, simply combine black cabinetry with our Elements White Square. For subtly varied looks try different shapes such as our Mono White hexagons or our thin format pearl-like Elements Brick Matt.

Or why not create something focused on the decorative, like the kitchen shown below, designed by Jewett Farms + Co?

Image Credit - Jewett Farms + Co.

You can achieve a similar feel by using some patterned black and white tiles such as our Art Deco style Fitz tiles, our wildly wiggly Doodles Décor, or our abstract floral Masai Mix.

Masai Mix


To add a pop of colour our Arthouse Leaf tile combines just the right amount of subtlety and decoration.

Arthouse Leaf