Real Homes - Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
5th August 2021

EAGLE-EYED viewers of Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate may have spotted a guest appearance from Porcelain Superstore as our tiles took a starring role.

A converted school in London

First up, we helped mother and daughter Loanna and Pearline transform their converted school house in Bermondsey, which was almost completely inaccessible to 79-year-old Pearline.

The property, which is situated within walking distance of some of London’s most famous landmarks, has an ‘upside down’ configuration, which means climbing three flights of stairs to reach the living space. Coupled with the fact that Pearline’s bedroom ceiling was so low she had taken to sleeping in the kitchen, it was a home in much need of a rethink.

Renovate Don't Relocate - Customer Bathroom

Pearline now has an on-trend, functional bathroom space

Porcelain Superstore supplied Ripples Blue and Ripples White tiles for the bathroom walls and Arlo Dark for the floor.

A family home in Dorset

Parents Laura and Phil from Blandford in Dorset began panicking over the seemingly perfect family home they share with sons Charlie and Sonny, when the scale of their renovation work set in. A pre-existing poorly built extension leaked all winter, and the layout means their cramped gallery kitchen isolates whoever is cooking from the rest of the family.

Not anymore. Today, Laura and Phil’s kitchen is the hub of the family home with brooding cabinets, a versatile study area and our striking Marias Green tiles.

Renovate Don't Relocate

Renovate Don't Relocate

A poor extension has now been turned into a striking family kitchen

Abbas Youssefi, Director of Porcelain Superstore, said: “We were delighted to help these homeowners realise their property dreams.

“Renovating a property can be daunting, especially when the home has pre-existing problems or the homeowner can no longer access it in the way they used to.

“Helping Loanna and Pearline, and Laura and Phil make the most of their homes has been a privilege and it is fantastic to see what impact our tiles have on the overall design.”