Collection Spotlight: Cotto Trellis

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
11th September 2017

Admitting you have a favourite child is one of the life’s great no-nos. But luckily, there’s no such stigma attached to having a favourite geometric tile. Which is just as good, because right now we’re head over heels for our Cotto Trellis tiles. And our favourite thing about it? The way that one simple design can be styled up in so many different ways.

So, if you're after your daily dose of design inspiration then read on - we'll show you some of our favourite ways to lay this triangular-style tile.

Cotto Trellis ZigzagsZiggy Stardust

For out of this world style, you can’t beat chevron tiles. Although actually, turns out you can. In our eyes, this monochrome zig zag pattern knocks the socks off everything else. Cotto Trellis Triangles

Classic Triangles

Geometric tiles might be playful but you can keep things strict with this contemporary repeating pattern.

Cotto Trellis Stripes

Dancing Stripes

Get on your dancing shoes - these diagonal stripes are similar to the iconic striped girders at Manchester’s legendary Hacienda nightclub.

Cotto Trellis FishFinding Nemo

Who says checkerboard floors have to be all square? Not us. Lay Cotto Trellis on an angle for a cool spin on a classic. We’re told this pattern looks like a doodle of swimming fish. What do you think? Cotto Trellis Diamonds 1 Cotto Trellis Diamonds 2

Diamonds Are Forever

The key to everlasting style? Simplicity. The Victorians were masters of monochrome and left us with countless diamond tiled floors to marvel at. You can easily get the look at home with Cotto Trellis - and the worn patina gives the impression of a well-loved floor.

Cotto Trellis LinesLong Lines

Have your walls and floors been misbehaving? Keep them on the straight and narrow by opting for black and white stripes - they’re a great way to add impact to any space.