Coletivo MUDA: Abstract Tile Art For The Soul

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
13th May 2020

A confession of tile addiction is rarely understood… until you mention street art. Our friends at DiaryofaTile know this better than anyone. To offer some entertainment during lockdown, and, of course, to show that tile addition is nothing to be ashamed of, they are sharing more of their favourite artists and their works.

Many street artists who incorporate ceramics take a blatant approach. It is normally very clear what one is seeing: a Space Invaders character, a small mosaic of a Crunch bar, or even Homer Simpson looking up at you from a street in Southampton. With Coletivo MUDA, the approach is slightly different.

This modern Brazilian art collective of designers and architects make a statement with the abstract. The group was formed in 2010 by individuals who were already adept at experimenting with public art - Bruna Vieira, João Tolentino, Diego Uribbe, Duke Capellão, and Rodrigo Kalache – and since then their designs have become increasingly complex.

More is more... complex designs

With inspiration from graffiti, their works are bold: both vibrant and geometric. They don’t hit randomly, with each location scouted and analysed before their site-specific designs are created. Vibrant colours and angular shapes enliven neglected and ignored public areas, with the shades and forms distinctly selected to purposefully both match and stand out from the surroundings.

Enlivening an ignored public area

Each design offers a fantastic surprise to passers-by, especially with the collective’s penchant for choosing undervalued locations such as the underside of bridges or drab building exteriors. The installations range in size, from the small red-and-blue abstract form placed outside a Portuguese antique shop, to the 160 sq . metre wall installation for São Paolo’s Nu Festival.