Collection Spotlight - Concorde

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
28th May 2020

If you were creating a recipe for the perfect contemporary wall tile range, Concorde would have nearly all of the key ingredients.

Our Concorde tiles have all the ingredients for a perfect kitchen splashback

Let’s start with the format. Well, it's an utterly versatile and sophisticated 50 by 250mm picket. It thus combines the geometric virtues of hexagonal tiles with pattern potential of slim brick effects. Next to Concorde, many elongated chevrons or rectangles look a little bit clunky and obvious. And, this is also a tile format that looks equally at home used horizontally, vertically, or at a 45o diagonal. Cool and sophisticated, this slender picket form truly brings finesse and vitality to walls.

And Porcelain Superstore’s customers are already finding that this versatile design can be used throughout the home; whether delivering dazzle to a kitchen splashback, performing a key role in a complete bathroom make-over, or elevating the utility room into somewhere a bit special.

Add finesse to your ensuite with Concorde White & Rose Pink

When it comes to colour, Concorde also has the bases covered. It is available in four utterly a la mode hues: white, teal, blue, and rose pink. Glossy and sleek, these tones can be using singly or in concert to deliver a timeless glam-meets-modern vibe. They can also be paired successfully with one of 2020 interior design’s must-haves: gold and burnished metallics, as shown in the below image.

Timeless Glam

Pair with gold for an on-trend finish

These 8mm thick white body designs from Spain are both a testimony to the enduring appeal of glazed tiles; and a reminder that this home furnishing element that has never lost its ability to surprise and delight. A supersonic sensation!