8 Great Ways To Use Wood Effect Tiles On Walls

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
22nd May 2017
We know you shouldn’t have favourites, but here at Porcelain Superstore HQ we just love a good wood tile. It’s not just their dashing looks that gets us hot under the collar; their practicality appeals to our low-care-regime side of things. And these days, porcelain planks are an almost automatic choice when it comes to styling your floors - after all, who doesn’t love the warmth of wood? But recently, our dear customers have been branching out a little, judging by the daily pictorial pings in our inbox. As with cake and tea, it seems like you can never have too much timber - you guys have been cladding your walls, worktops and wherever-takes-your-fancy with our wood effect tiles! And boy, don’t we love it! If the walls in our neck of the woods could talk, we're pretty sure they'd be ooing and aahing rather a lot. Sadly they can't (we've asked politely) so that leaves it to us - here's our eight favourite ways to style your walls with our wood look tiles.

Plane Sailing

Not many materials are as practical as real timber, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for every room. Take bathrooms for example; when it comes to water and wood, the oft-quoted ‘never the twain shall meet’ springs to mind. So unless you have a thing for swollen beams and omnipresent oiling, best to steer well clear. Wood Effect Tiles On Bathroom Walls However, with the latest digitally-printed timber tiles, you can now get the look of wood on your walls with none of the fuss. Take our hyper-realistic Orchard Honey planks, for instance. Inspired by reclaimed and restored oak flooring, they’re full of knots, life and character but aren’t fazed by a bit of moisture. Or a lot. Which means they’re perfect for that rustic bathroom or weathered wet room you’ve had in mind. Combine with little Antique Marble to complete the Mother Nature look.

Distress Signals

Reclaimed timber from a salvage yard has a distressed, rough-hewn appeal that makes it stand out. So in other words, it’s the perfect material for that accent wall behind the bath that you’ve always wanted, right? Wood Effect Tiles As Feature Wall Well, not exactly. Unless you have a thing for warped timber, water and wood are a definite no-no. But don’t worry, our Life Anthracite tiles are here to save your dreams of distress. Made from water-resistant porcelain, these planks can be splished, splashed and sploshed all day long. Want to turn up the heat? They don’t mind a good bit of steam either. You could say these salvaged-style planks put the sal into salle de bains. When they look this good, why bother with actual timber? We'd advise keeping the rest of your bathroom relatively simple to draw attention to your feature wall.

Access All Areas

Although porcelain planks have only been on the shelves for a few years, they’ve already picked up a fair few plaudits. It’s pretty well-known how little on-going TLC they need, but did you know they’re also incredibly resistant to extreme weather and frost? Oh, and that they won’t fade when exposed to harsh sunlight? Porcelain Planks Laid On Outside Wall This is all rather important, because when it comes to summer sun, our default mode has to involve gins, tonics, barbecues and backyards. Especially when they look this good! Pretty much any outside wall can be clad in porcelain planks, which is great news if you’re after something more desirable than decking and better than brick. No need to worry about any moss or green nasties either - a quick jet-wash once a year and your walls will be fine and dandy, dandy and fine.

Parquet Power

Parquet may have long been the luxe option for classy floors, but now it’s taking over as the savvy sophiticateurs' wall covering of choice. So if you’re looking to send out the right kind of style signals, ditch the long planks and opt for beautiful blockwork. Parquet & Herringbone Tiles Laid On Walls Lay our small Herringbone tiles in their namesake pattern for an eye-catching did-I-just-see-that wall. Alternatively, we’ll be launching a brand new parquet tiles in summer 2017 - keep your eyes peeled!

Beauty Sleep

When it comes to getting a good night’s kip, our mindfulness guidebooks tell us to ditch the digital and keep the bedroom calm, clean and uncluttered. We heartily agree - and what better way to create a relaxing space than with natural-looking wood-effect tiles? Using wood tiles to create a calm bedroom Light, oak-effect planks such as Orchard Birch work particularly well when it comes to crafting a light, airy space room like the image above. But don’t be afraid to try something a little different. For example, a headboard made using our Shabby White tiles below will put cosy shabby chic into your sleep. An end to counting sheep it seems…. Wood Effect Tiles Used As Headboard

Off The Wall

Looking to give your walls the edge without going outlandish? There’s a host of ways with wood! By their very nature, timber tiles tend to be finished in more neutral tones, so experiment with offbeat laying patterns to give your walls and unexpected flavour that's not OTT. Wood Effect Tiles - Different Patterns For an artful touch, lay your plank tiles on an angle with staggered joints. Or for something a little different, check out some of the latest mosaics coming out the hottest kilns. We love the striking squished hexagons from Italian maestro’s Marazzi - just perfect for shapely, not showy, walls.

Kitchen Carpentry

Want to make the heart of your home even more stylish? Here’s a bandwagon we’re gladly hopping onto - cladding kitchen islands and bars in wood effect tiles. It’s lesson 101 when it comes to timeless style brownie points, especially if you choose tiles such our rustic Alpine Hazel below. Wood Effect Tiles Kitchen Walls Take the look to its natural conclusion by using wood tiles for your worktops and splashbacks. Porcelain tiles are really hard to stain, so blitz and mix to your health’s content - even your most vivid concoctions will wipe away with minimum fuss.

Panelled Planks

We’re so over our painted plaster and don’t get us started on anaglypta… When it comes to living room walls, there’s only once choice for trendy homes and it’s our wood effect tiles. It’s an open secret that the very best way to add a little character is with the wood look! And don’t be afraid to go the whole nine yards - floor to ceiling cladding is so chalet chic, don’t you think? Wood Tiles Laid On Walls There’s plenty of different ways to tile your walls, depending on your style. Want to embrace your inner lumberjack? Go for something with raw appeal, as shown above. Although pick our tiles and you won’t need to dig out your chainsaw, let along chop down a tree. Still, you can wear your best checked shirt and there’s no chance of getting any splinters… Wood Tiles Laid Horizontally On Walls For something a little more muted, check out tiles such as Orchard Warm Oak. Their pared back style is like taking a deep breath in Sherwood Forest - clean, crisp and oh-so-fresh. In fact, we say they’re the next best thing to planting an actual tree in your home. Oh, now there’s a thought…