18 Interior Design Style Tips for 2018

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th November 2017

Redecorating your home or workplace brings an atmosphere of optimism and excitement, making it the perfect way to bring in the New Year. We asked some of the UK’s leading home experts for their interior design style tips for 2018…

For a successful interior, I always stick to these 5 decorating rules: mix old pieces with new to add a touch of character and keep the overall look balanced; always arrange objects in groups of 3 as odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye (trust me on this!); introduce dark or black accents to the room for depth and interest; make sure there is a warm metallic finish somewhere in the room, be it brass, gold or copper; and finally, no room is complete without a pop of greenery! Faux or real? You decide!

Keira Marshall Dekkobird.com

When decorating a room I always choose a colour theme before buying any furniture or decor. I focus on different textures, from fur to seagrass, to add a sense of depth. This way, the room feels calm and has a consistent theme but feels unique and stylish.

Samantha Charles Strawberrysqueeze.co.uk

When designing a room think about your natural light sources. If you have a dark room without much natural light, you want to make sure you’re allowing the light to come in. Don’t add blinds to the windows, unless you are looking for a cosy style to the room.

Stephanie Moore Blog-baybee.co.uk

Think we’ve overdosed on grey? Think again. Grey tiles will still dominate in 2018. But there’s a move away from the plain grey concrete effect tiles that have been popular and instead, we’ll see a trend towards sophisticated stone effect designs.

Abbas Youssefi Porcelain Superstore.co.uk

Mix styles when decorating a room – contemporary tile designs can go well with antique furniture, especially if the colour palette is kept neutral. Just try to make sure all the pieces complement one another.

Pia Finnteriordesigner.com

Embrace warmer tones in 2018. From burgundy and maroon to peach, rust and terracotta, it’s time to depart from cool greys and get cosier. I’m even excited to see the return of chocolate browns and beige! If that’s just too much to handle then embrace the flattering grey-beige hybrid ‘greige’ which is a versatile shade to complement most palettes.

Sarah Mailer Girlabouthouse.com

There is a dizzying array of choices to make when designing a room and it is easy to feel intimidated or to procrastinate. My top 3 tips would be – firstly, social media makes it so easy to ask for input and ideas from others when you get stuck, secondly, putting an egg timer on the decision making stops it taking over, and thirdly, ultimately, listen to your gut reactions, they are nearly always the best indicator

Penny Alexander Aresidence.co.uk

We’ve been seeing darker interiors in 2017. You shouldn’t be afraid to use darker colours in a space, even if you think your home might be too small. The great thing about darker colours is that they blur the boundaries of a room, highlighting the objects within a space rather than the confinement of the walls themselves.

Martyn White Martynwhitedesigns.com

Shaker style kitchen

Bring a room to life by using tactile materials and fabrics. Using contrasting layers – brick, tiles, velvets and linens etc. will give a cosy feel, perfect for the winter months ahead. Walls should also have different textures. Introduce wall hangings and tapestry to create layered looks and a fuller, finished scheme.

Mark Russell & David White Forwardfeatures.net

Controversially, I would always decide on my walls LAST when designing a room because you can find more shades and designs. This makes it easier to match with furniture, floors or artwork that you genuinely love.

Chrissy Hatton Organinsemyhouse.com

Give yourself a neutral backdrop. Exuberant tiles might take your fancy now, but you may tire of them. Redecorating to meet current trends can be an expensive business! By choosing white or neutral tiles you can regularly refresh a space; introduce the season’s key colours or patterns just by changing your accessories.

Caro Davies Thetwinlediaries.co.uk

Interior lighting design is essential in interior design, yet it’s often overlooked by DIY decorators. No matter how carefully you’ve furnished, arranged, and accessorised, you do not have a well-decorated home until you’ve implemented good lighting. To light your home properly use three layers – ambient, task, and accent.

Kiran Singh Myuniquehome.co.uk

Recently, I’ve been focussed on layering textures. I think this gives such a cosy look in Winter and it is reflected in our winter fashion choices too. Super soft throws, faux fur rugs, velvet cushions and woollen curtains over voile spring to mind – layering up makes us feel like we can snuggle in.

Becky Goddard Hill Abeautifulspace.co.uk

Choose colours that are mouth-watering – never use colours in your home that you like, you MUST love them. The same goes for fabrics, ceramics, furniture even – choose only those you would like to eat!

Alison Gibb kelleyandcompanyhomedesign.com

It isn’t about the size of your house or the quality of your furniture – and it certainly isn’t about being perfect; it’s about creating a place that feels authentically you and designing a canvas that evolves as you do. Because, at the end of the day, orchestrating your ideal life, finding purpose and becoming your best self, all begin at home.

Kirsty Harvey Mydesignchic.com

Invest in some bespoke items for your home, so that your personality and taste is really reflected and shown off. Whether it is bespoke cushion covers, curtains or furniture such as cabinets – the possibilities are endless!

Sarah Hayford Sarahhayfordinterirors.co.uk

Chevron Tiles Buying Guide

There’s an interior style I’ve spotted on Instagram recently which I’m mad about – its pink! I’ve seen homeowners pink anything from their bathroom walls, their alcoves and even the inside of their under-stair cupboards. I love this trend because it introduces an element of playfulness to a room. I would opt for a more muted, dusky tone of pink and not bright vivid pink for a more luxe feel.

Fiona Duffy Fifimcgee.co.uk

If you love neutral colour schemes but want to avoid them looking boring – use home accessories to add interest to your room. Soft furnishings are the perfect way to introduce different patterns and textures to create depth within your scheme.

Caroline Girlbouttownhouse.com

Using dark colours is a great way to transform a room, and because dark walls reflect less light, it’s a great trick to hide imperfections. Dark-coloured tiles will also accentuate your possessions and make them look more vibrant.

Christine Littlehouseonthecorner.com

Mixing large, medium and small-scale patterns and adding in lots of texture is a great way to make a room feel warm and considered.

Lizzie Raven Emersonandfifteenth.com

Always make sure you have a mix of surfaces and textures in a space to avoid it feeling flat. This also creates comfort and warmth in a room.

Susan Earlham Oldfashionedsusie.com

Use a variety of textures to bring life and depth to your space. Once you have immaculate surfaces, start to add layers. Think: cushions in different fabrics, Throws, artwork and rugs- these all help make a room feel finished and show off your personality.

Emily Emilymaydesigns.com