12 Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas With Huge Style

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
6th September 2019

Move over, white! The days of clinical spaces are behind us - these days, the coolest bathrooms are all wearing grey tiles.

But even though this neutral is the building block of modern design, it can prove a challenge to get right. After all, with more hues than you can shake a stick at (cue tacky gag about all those shades), it can be tricky to find your perfect grey. We know, we’ve been there!

So that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide. And although we couldn’t possibly cover the myriad of tones from almost-beige to nearly-black, we’ve picked out some of our favourite grey bathroom tiles. They’ll hopefully get your creative juices flowing!

Concrete Retreat

Concrete walls don’t have to be stark and brutal. In this bathroom, designed by Schulberg Demkiw Architects, warm pine planks add a soft and organic touch - perfect for a relaxing space.

Get a similar look without the cost and hassle, by using Ancoats Grey and Ascot Oak.

Greige Bathroom Tiles

The New Neutral

It seems like we’re rediscovering just how cool Greige is. Popularised by Georgio Armani in the 80s, the love-child of grey and beige falls on the warmer side, so it’s a perfect choice for a calming room.

Simplicity is the key here, so add interest with texture rather than pattern. And houseplants never go amiss!

Grey Marble Bathroom Tiles

Mastering Marble

Decadent and brilliantly dramatic, all-over stone is a great way to make a big impact. But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for the classic style of white marble. Our eyes are transfixed on this bathroom by the brilliant folk at Roca - the striking linear veins offer a strong and striking personality to what could otherwise be a rather sterile space.

Metallic Grey Bathroom Tiles

Light Industry

Metallic slabs might not immediately spring to mind as the material for a sexy, elegant bathroom, but, used subtly, they’re ideal for crafting an atmospheric space.

The midnight hues of these extra large tiles have a city-sleek feel; their sheen adds a dash of understated glamour. Get the look with our Foundry Iron and Silver porcelain tiles.

Grey Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles

Maximum Grey

While we love getting creative with tiling - mixing materials, shapes and sizes - sometimes, you can’t beat sticking to the same colour throughout.

Here, Motion Grey is used to cover the entire space and the results are undeniably contemporary. Pair with matt black fittings to complete the modern look.

Large Format Grey Bathroom Tiles

Play With Scale

An open-plan layout gives you the luxury of an ensuite without the space feeling boxed in. In this breathtakingly beautiful bathroom, large format porcelain tiles seamlessly flow from the bath to the bedroom, with matching mosaics adding a lasting impression. If we ever win the lottery, we’d like this space, please. Our Portland Light Grey tiles have a similar, contemporary appeal.

Rustic Grey Bathroom Tiles

Period Perfection

Like to do things the old fashioned way when it comes to bathrooms? Then we’re sure you’ll love this award-winning space. We actually featured it on the School of Tile a couple of years ago, and it’s fair to say the combination of rustic wall tiles and wood planks has stood the test of time. Our Country Grey and Orchard Walnut tiles offer a similar vibe; complete the look with period fittings and quirky accessories.

Varied Grey Tiles

Happy Glaze

Who knew shades of grey and indigo tones would make such perfect companions? Not us, we’ll admit. This avant-garde wetroom is a masterclass in how to combine completely different tiles, giving an end result that’s modern yet unique. We love the tonal variations on display - it’s an effective way to add interest to a smaller space.

Light Grey Patterned Tiles In The Bathroom

Petite Patterns

Is it possible to create a clean, calm aesthetic using patterned tiles? With this bathroom, the answer’s most definitely yes. Our small-scale Harmony Fog Decor tiles add impact to the feature wall, but the space still feels calm and contemporary. The key here is restraint - the rest of the room is kept light and simple, with plain grey floor tiles and pared-back basin furniture allowing the wall tiles to shine.

Grey Flagstone Porcelain Tiles

Refined Rustic

Sometimes, it pays to break with convention. So while flagstone tiles are usually found on country kitchen floors, the maestros at Italian firm ABK have laid them on a bathroom wall. With the modern fittings, it makes for a really contemporary take on a classic look. Achieve a similar feel with Montpellier Grey.

Grey Herringbone Bathroom Tiles

Subtle Silhouette

You don’t have to opt for out-there tiles to create an eye-popping feature. Instead, use standard tiles to great effect by arranging them in an unexpected pattern. Here, subway tiles - our Opal Grey is a close match - are laid with a double herringbone bond. The result is the epitome of elegant simplicity.

Grey Wood Tiles On Bathroom Floor

Grey Grains

This bathroom offers a masterclass in how to combine the tile world’s two hottest trends, wood and patterned tiles, without going OTT. Just pick a unifying tone - taupe, in this case - and you’re all set. The natural nuance of the timber-style planks add interest and movement; adding wood to walls is a great way to showcase their texture.