10 Ways to Use White Kitchen Tiles At Home

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
5th December 2022

At the risk of stating the obvious, kitchens are pretty important rooms. Not only are they spaces to cook in, they’re also where we relax and host our family and friends. So it’s vital that the design of your kitchen feels just right; functional enough to work in, yet smart enough for entertaining.

And that’s where our white kitchen tiles come in. Whether you’re overhauling your entire space or looking to just update your splashback, we have a range of ceramic and porcelain tiles that don’t just look the part, they’ll stand up to the demands of busy family life as well.

In this article, we’ll guide you through ten of our favourite ways to style your kitchen with white walls tiles - with a bonus at the end. Whatever your style - whether you love clean and contemporary or prefer things more trad - we hope you’ll find something to inspire your next project.

The Elegantly Sumptuous Kitchen
Glossy white wall tiles in small apartment kitchen

One of the most important things when you’re designing a new kitchen is that it doesn’t feel too sterile or utilitarian. This is especially true in the country, but it’s also vital for modern city homes, especially with more of us working from home.

Using serene colours - not just white - alongside handcrafted fittings and other decorative elements is one way to give your space more character. And another is by using off-white wall tiles that look and feel handmade. Colour variation, glazing flaws and irregular edges won’t make a kitchen feel old-fashioned; instead they’ll add oodles of elegant charm. So for a richer look at home, choose tiles like Dwell White instead of a traditional metro. Combine with one-off elements and you’ll create a new design language that won’t fade over time.

The Industrial KitchenWhite Brick Tiles In Modern Kitchen

Industrial-style kitchens are incredibly popular in city centres - especially in factories and warehouses that have been converted into contemporary apartments and modern homes. Their ‘anti-kitchen’ design lends itself well to larger open-plan spaces that are designed as much for entertainment as they are for cooking.

But choosing splashback tiles for these interiors can be tricky. You want something that will work with the sleek cabinets and designer brassware, without making the space feel too clinical. An exposed brick-effect tile like Brix White is perfect, then. These types of tiles will celebrate the heritage of the building and bring beautiful texture to the room, without detracting from the overall modern aesthetic.

The Modern KitchenWhite Floor Tiles In Moody Black Kitchen

Although gloss white cabinets will always have their place, there’s a trend towards bolder colours in modern kitchens. In this home, the real show-stopper are the black kitchen cabinets, which have a beautiful satin finish that gently reflects the light. While not exactly plain and simple, the colours in the rest of the room are deliberately neutral, allowing the kitchen to truly shine. 

You can achieve a similar sophisticated look by using our Motion Light tiles on the floor, with Atelier White on your walls. These are designed to look like hand-made ceramic tiles and will create a splashback that feels a little more irregular and artisanal than the kitchen itself. Taken as a whole, the space feels thoroughly modern, with a softer edge than you’d normally expect to see.

The Minimal KitchenWhite Herringbone Wall Tiles in Modern Kitchen

Minimalist kitchens are an extremely popular choice, especially in city-centre apartments and modern new-build properties. And while they might look just like they’ve stepped out a designer magazine, it’s natural to assume that they might be a little soulless. However, this doesn’t have to be the case - in fact, flat white cabinets offer the perfect foil for subtle design elements elsewhere.

For example, in this contemporary kitchen our Celine White Decor tiles create an elegant splashback. The herringbone detail and considered veins offer fine texture and pattern, without distracting from the overall simplicity of the kitchen. Furthermore, a brushed gold mixer tap adds a focal point to the whole room.

The Glamorous KitchenWhite Marble Tiles In Modern Kitchen With Grey Floor Tiles

Infusing a kitchen with polished materials is a great way to add a luxurious dimension - especially if that material happens to be polished marble. In this kitchen, the entire walls are clad in Calacatta marble, including the front of the kitchen island. It’s chic, glam and is a sure-fire conversation starter when family and friends are round. And while they contrast against the grey floor tiles, the veins offer continuity between the floor and walls; a small detail that has an over-sized visual impact.

You can give your home the same distinctive style using our marble-effect porcelain tiles. They offer the same mirror-like finish but are more affordable and practical to live with. Win-win!

The Classic KitchenWhite Moroccan Floor Tiles In Country Kitchen

Naturally, we all want our homes to feel that little bit different. A little special, a little bespoke and a little bit personal. Having a kitchen built to your exact requirements is one way to achieve this, but it can be frighteningly expensive. But you can still get that coveted tailored look by changing one aspect of your room, for something that bit more interesting.

For example, in this farmhouse kitchen you’d normally expect to see a rustic flagstone floor. However, by opting for intricate Moroccan tiles, the whole space suddenly feels completely unique and personal. It’s unexpected, and the inlaid green tiles connect the floor to the kitchen units, making the whole room feel like it’s been designed to very specific requirements.

The white floor tiles and splashback tiles play a huge role in the success of the design, as they sit back and allow the rest of the kitchen to shine.

The Imaginative KitchenWhite Terrazzo Tiles in Natural Kitchen

We’re stating the obvious, but our kitchens need to look good. After all, they’re a space to enjoy and spend time in. So it’s important that a kitchen has energy and soul, without being too over-powering.

This is where terrazzo tiles come in - they have a playful vibe that other tiles simply can’t match. In this open plan neutral space, the same terrazzo design is laid over both the floor and walls. The coloured chips are juxtaposed against the neutral decor, introducing personality and energy. It’s brave, but it works! Use Tutti Frutti to achieve a similar look at home.

The Vibrant KitchenMonochrome Floor Tiles in Simple Kitchen

We tend to think of colour when we think of vibrancy, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. In this handleless white kitchen, monochrome tiles add a dynamic flair, while not detracting from the overall contemporary style. Plain black and white floor tiles are used on the floor, while patchwork tiles complete the splashback.

The key here is to keep things simple - you don’t want too many tricks in the room! Curate colours and patterns before you start, so you can prioritise them for maximum impact. Get the look by using Casablanca Black on your walls with Victorian Black and White on your floor.

The Relaxed KitchenPlain White Wall Tiles in Family Kitchen

These days, we want our kitchens to feel like living rooms - a space where you can be with friends and family and feel comfortable in. So they can’t just be functional, they’ve got to feel relaxing as well.

Tiles can really help you create a room that’s practical yet serene and stylish. In this kitchen, our Elements Brick Matt wall tiles contrast against the stained oak cabinets. Plain and understated, they have a quiet architectural style that compliments the kitchen, without demanding too much attention. The brick bond pattern adds the perfect amount of visual interest.

The Scandi KitchenWhite Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles in Kitchen

In a way, Scandinavian design manages to achieve the impossible - making a minimal space feel warm and cosy. It’s an incredibly popular choice for kitchens in modern family homes as it emphasises clean lines and functional style, without sacrificing on beauty. 

The key to nailing the look at home? It’s all about combining different textures and hues. Adding interest, without overwhelming the space, in other words. And in this kitchen, white kit kat mosaics are used in place of traditional subway tiles. They’re pale but interesting; calmly complimenting the simplicity of the neutral cabinets and marble worktop, but adding oodles of texture and interest. You can see why they're tipped to become the next hot trend in the world of tiles!

The Quirky KitchenWthite Fishscale Tiles in Kitchen

While we love our subways and squares, tiles come in all manner of shapes and sizes these days. So on your next kitchen project, why not think outside the box and experiment with something a little more unusual?

For example, our Drops White fishscale tiles are a great way to add personality to your cooking space. They’re unique, they’re beautiful and - most importantly - they’re guaranteed to make you smile. In this kitchen, they contrast beautifully against the dark granite worktop and range cooker, creating a kitchen that’s simple yet stunning. Use a darker grey grout to emphasise the joints and the unique, elegant silouhette.