10 Ways To Use Terracotta Tiles At Home

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
7th December 2022

Terracotta tiles have been around since forever and they never really went out of fashion, so to speak. But recently, they’ve made a comeback in the trend stakes - it’s fair to say that terracotta is a huge interior trend right now. And while the burnt-orange tones we all know and love are still popular, the style has certainly evolved; these days, our terracotta tiles are as much about contemporary chic as that classic rustic charm.

So, if you want an on-trend look for any room that’s sure to stand the test of time, read on.

Classic Floors

Classic Terracotta-Effect Porcelain Floor Tiles

Whether it’s an Italian villa or a Spanish finca, many of us have happy memories of a rustic hideaway. Terracotta tiles are perfect for re-creating that relaxing vibe at home, especially when they’re laid over a living room floor.

And thanks to our Siena Cotto tiles, shown above, it’s never been easier to transform your home. With their signature wavy edges, gorgeous colour variation and authentic texture, they look and feel just like that aged terracotta floor. They will add an effortless touch of crafted charm to any room or conservatory and as they’re made from porcelain, will remain just as beautiful even after years of use.

Make An Entrance

Using Terracotta Tiles In A Hallway

Install some terracotta tiles in your hallway and you’ll instantly create a calm and soothing space. The kind of room you want to enter after a long busy day, in other words.

The deep earthy tones of terracotta are quite different from the Victorian or monochrome tiles you often find in hallways, so they’re sure to garner plenty of compliments from visitors. Whether used as a feature area or to cover the entire space, they’ll add depth and texture - perfect for traditional or contemporary homes alike. Paint your walls in a light, neutral colour to help maintain the simple, zen-like vibe.

Hammam At Home

A Moroccan Style Bathroom With Terracotta Floor Tiles and Green Zellige Wall Tiles

Are you looking to transform your bathroom into a peaceful oasis? Then embrace the olde-world charm of terracotta and zellige tiles. Used together, they’ll help you create an enchanting space that’s simple yet luxurious - like your favourite designer retreat in Marrakesh. 

To get the look at home, we’d recommend combining Souk Emerald on your walls with Souk Cotto on your floor. Both tiles are made from porcelain; so while they look and feel timeless, they won’t fade or discolour over time. For a truly authentic atmosphere, opt for traditional tadelakt walls and finish the room with a decorative brass mirror or that intricately-detailed table you unearthed on your travels…

Modern Interiors

Using Grey Terracotta Floor Tiles In Contemporary Apartment

When we think of terracotta, beautiful earthy tones naturally spring to mind. But thanks to modern technology, you can now enjoy that rustic charm in other colourways, such as grey. This opens up the possibility of using terracotta-style floor tiles in more contemporary interiors, like in this Scandinavian-inspired living room above.

Here, our Clays Grey tiles offer a warm and sophisticated backdrop to the rest of the space, which is kept relatively plain and neutral. A stunning focal point is created using Casablanca Black patterned tiles, although there’s plenty of authentic variation in the Clays Grey tiles to keep things on the right side of interesting. In an open-plan apartment, you can continue the tiles through to your glossy white kitchen cabinets, for a contrasting floor that’s full of charm.

Terracotta, Meet Terrazzo

Terracotta Tiles On Modern Bathroom Wall

The battle of the tile trends? It’s a close match between terracotta and terrazzo. But why settle for one, when these rather special Starburst Cotto tiles exist? 

They’re absolutely ideal if you’re looking to create a bathroom that’s eye-catching and unique yet won’t date over the years. By marrying the warm tones of terracotta with the stunning effect of terrazzo, these tiles are just the thing to add life and personality to your walls and floors. 

Unusual? Sure. Beguiling? Yes. Rustic? Perhaps not. These tiles are modern, pure and simple. Perfect, then, for contemporary wet rooms and bathrooms. Make sure to keep the rest of your decor relatively unfussy, with monochrome furniture and contrasting cream wall tiles.

Something Old, Something New

Rustic Terracotta Effect Hexagon Tiles

Used for centuries to adorn architectural delights, hexagon tiles are now making a comeback with their geometric, timeless look. And if you combine the classic honeycomb shape with a rustic terracotta style, you’ll create a floor that’s forever fashionable.

That’s why we love our Croft Cotto tiles. Made from porcelain, they faithfully replicate the earthy beauty of a reclaimed terracotta floor. Naturally, their antique style is perfect for country kitchens and the like, but they can also be used in more modern properties. For example, you can easily create a bathroom that nails the Cottagecore trend by pairing these floor tiles with Countrywide Cream on your walls.

Hit The Sack

Using terracotta floor tiles to create a relaxing bedroom

For the perfect night’s sleep, experts recommend turning your bedroom into a peaceful haven with no distractions. So if you’re looking to create your a zen-like boudoir, why not replace your carpet with terracotta tiles?

The idea might sound a little strange, but it’s actually very popular abroad. And with good reason - the earthy, warm tones of terracotta are perfect for making you feel calm and relaxed at the end of the day. You can even incorporate underfloor heating, to really up the cosy factor!

To achieve a similar look to the beautiful bedroom above, look to Souk Cotto. With a moderate amount of shading, these mellow tiles sit squarely in the middle between rustic and modern, so they’re ideal for a tranquil space. Add a little decorative flair with the matching Souk Pearl tiles and complete your room with muted walls, linen curtains and natural accessories.

Up The Wall

Terracotta effect wall tiles

Terracotta tiles not only look great on floors, but they can also add a timeless elegance to your walls and splashbacks. In this bathroom, smaller 10 x 10 cm tiles infuse the walls with rustic charm - imagine how calm and relaxed you’d feel, bathing in that space!

The shades on show run a spectrum of earthy hues, from salmon pinks to richer reds. It’s the polar opposite of tried-and-tested metro tiles and it’s fair to say that the effect is spectacular; turning what could easily be an unremarkable wall into something stylish, warm and inviting. We think it would work wonders in a farmhouse kitchen, too.

Minimal Magic

Terracotta Kit Kat Mosaics in Bathroom

There’s something quite special about combining an ancient material with a modern trend - you always end up with something that’s far more than the sum of its parts. Stunning design, in other words.

These Kit Kat mosaics in a terracotta finish embody this spirit, perfectly. In this spa-like ensuite, they’re laid over the walls to help create an uber-minimal room with a calming aesthetic. It’s a look that’s understated and pared-back yet completely intriguing at the same time. Suffice to say, this is the kind of bathroom that will capture attention on Instagram and Pinterest.

V For Visual Victories

Green tiles and terracotta herringbone tiles in bathroom

We’ve already seen how you can use terracotta and green wall tiles to create a sanctuary bathroom. But if your interior style is more modern than Moroccan, you can tone things up by opting for terracotta herringbone tiles.

The natural shading inherent in terracotta lends itself extremely well to the zigzag pattern - adding an air of sophistication to an already timeless design. In this bathroom, the far wall immediately captures your gaze without being over the top or too eye-catching. It’s clever and subtle design; the alternating ‘V’ shape offers a visual treat that’s interesting, versatile and sure to make a statement. The epitome of modern rustic design, in our humble opinion.