Chevron Tiles - Buying Guide

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th October 2017
Luxury is always the watchword at Porcelain Superstore, so it’s no surprise that we’re completely besotted with chevron tiles. Tactile, sophisticated and available in an array of styles, they’re just the thing to bring a space to life in a uniquely elegant fashion.

The difference between chevron and herringbone

Did you know that chevron and herringbone tiles aren’t actually the same? Both are composed of pieces of tiles arranged in the classic zig-zag pattern, but that’s where the similarities end. Whilst the herringbone pattern is made up using perfect rectangles, the chevron pattern uses parallelograms to give the iconic ‘V’ shape. A picture's worth a thousand words, so these images should clear up any confusion:

What different types of chevron tile are there?

Although it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when the first chevrons were laid, we often associate zig-zag floors with the perfect parquetry you’d find in a Haussmann-era Parisian apartment. So naturally, many of the chevron tiles available today replicate the glamour and elegance of natural wood. A perfect example is our Chevron Grey, shown below - it's a great choice for crafting elegant, contemporary spaces.

Wood Effect Chevron Tile

And while many zig-zag tiles mimic parquet, there’s a of whole host of ceramic chevrons inspired by different styles and materials. Here’s some of our favourites:


Chevron Wall Tiles

Plain and simple

After the minimal, bare necessities look? Then it’s crucial that every piece you choose is perfect. Plain white chevron tiles are the peak of pared-back chic; our Arrows White is a great place to start.

Patterned Chevron Tiles




It’s well-known that you can add life to a small space by letting loose with pattern. So why not combine decoration with chevron tiles? These delft-like designs are perfect for crafting a look-at-me splash back with a twist.



Contemporary Chevron Tiles


Contemporary doesn’t have to mean cold. Take inspiration from the past and create a simple yet striking statement floor with concrete-style chevron tiles. The simplicity allows the zig-zag pattern to be the star of the show.



Teal Chevron Tiles


Grey, white and beige might be in the in-colours but we’ve spotted a growing trend for all-things teal. These handmade tiles from Modwalls in the US embrace modern colours and have a mid-century appeal.


Where can I lay chevron tiles?

Unlike traditional parquet, which is only suitable for ‘dry’ floors, our chevron tiles are made from hardy, water-resistant ceramic and porcelain. This means they’re ideal for almost any room and because they come in an array of sizes, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.


Chevron Feature WallFloors

If you run a shop or restaurant, it’s pretty vital that your space sets the style. Porcelain chevron tiles will give you an elegant yet incredibly durable finish, as shown by Chevron Brown.



Chevron Feature Wall Tiles

Feature Walls

Layers are a great way to get the wow effect without going wild. Here, different pastel shades are combined for a look that’s playful, not pretentious.


Chevron Tile Splashback


When it comes to the kitchen, forget straight lines - diagonals are the way forward. Here, our Arrows collection is used to give the space a minimal yet graceful look and the gloss finish is really easy to keep clean.


Chevron Tiles Bathroom


Who says bathrooms should be sterile? Fitting chevron tiles to your floor elevates the space from practicality to pleasure. Oh, and our chevron wood tiles won’t rot when wet.



Chevron Tiles Living Room

Living Rooms

Looking for chic floors without the chi-chi? Chevron tiles will give you an elegant yet hard-wearing finish that won’t date over time. Get a similar look with Chevron Oak.


Different ways to lay chevron tiles

Chevron tiles are usually laid in the classic, zig-zag pattern but why not play with how you lay? In this living space below, carrara marble and nero marquina marble tiles are artfully arranged in pairs of threes. It’s a graceful way to reimagine the luxury look.

Chevron Tiles Monochrome

One of the things we love about chevrons is how creative you can get with them. So for a different take on the traditional, why not play with angles? Here’s some of our favourite ways:

Chevron Tiles With Hexagons

It’s official - geometrics are in! And you don’t need to be a maths whizz to see that chevrons plus hexagons equates to five - or should that be six - star design.

Chevron Tiles - Horizontal Lay

Looking for a style that transcends trends? Opt for luxurious marble-effect chevron tiles and lay as shown above for a contemporary yet elegant space.

Chevron Tiles Illusion

In this picture, our Arrows Black tiles are laid in the usual pattern. Look closely though and you’ll see they’re laid in contrasting layers of matt and gloss to create an optical illusion.

Chevron Tiles Weave

There’s disagreement in our office over what we’d call this pattern; weave or waterfall. One thing we can agree on is the ability to catch the eye!


The benefits of chevron tiles over proper parquet

Recent advances in porcelain production technology mean that the latest tiles are incredibly lifelike. Side by side, it’s getting very difficult to spot the difference between wood tiles and their natural timber equivalents. And not only are ceramic chevrons far less expensive than their counterparts, they’re also a lot more practical. Let’s take a closer look. Chevron Tiles Laying

Easy to lay

Compared to parquet, tiles are really easy to lay. There's no need for sanding or on-going oiling - most tilers should be comfortable working with these pieces. Some chevron ranges are available as a rectangular slab which gives the zig-zag effect but helps make installation super easy. Check out the image above - can you spot the joints?

Chevron Tiles Wetroom


Unless you’re a fan of rotten, mouldy timber, there’s no way you’d ever use real parquet inside a wetroom. On the other hand, porcelain chevrons are waterproof so they’re ideal for combining style with safety.

Chevron Tiles Underfloor Heating

Ideal for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is hot property these days. As the image above shows, remove the rads and your room reaps the rewards. Traditional timber isn’t usually suitable for underfloor heating but tiles? They’re absolutely perfect.