Bathroom Floor Tiles

Apparently, us Brits spend at least half an hour in the bathroom each day. This might not sound like a lot, but it adds up to nearly eight days a year spent scrubbing, bathing and brushing our teeth! So with that in mind, we think it’s pretty vital that your bathroom looks the part.

And with our range of bathroom floor tiles, we’re sure you’ll find a style that suits your space at a price that’s perfect for your pocket. From tiny stone mosaics to hexagon tiles and large format planks, we’ve got the latest designs alongside timeless classics. So why not light a luxury candle, take a long soak and have a little browse?

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Thought bathroom tiles were all bland and boring? Think again! Our latest bathroom floor tiles are all about style and they’re guaranteed to make a splash. We’ve dug out all the hottest designs to ensure your bathrooms and wet rooms stay ahead of the curve.

And naturally, there’s substance behind the style. Our floor tiles are all created from ceramic or porcelain to ensure they cope with the daily demands of a busy bathroom. Good looking, durable and easy to maintain, what’s not to like?