About Porcelain Superstore

We're passionate about porcelain

Porcelain tiles are so easy to live with and they're the perfect choice for today's busy homes. As a material it's pretty indestructible, doesn't stain and needs only a small amount of love and care to keep it looking as good as new. So we started Porcelain Superstore with a single aim in mind - to offer the Great British Public fantastic porcelain tiles at prices you simply can't find elsewhere. Just like you, we love things for our home that look good, are well made and don't break the bank. We're a little different from the usual tile showrooms out there. Here's a few things that make us stand out.

We make buying tiles easy...

Why waste precious spare time trudging round yet-another bland showroom, just to look at yesterday's tiles at inflated prices? Wouldn't you rather browse our online store from the comfort of your favourite sofa, brew to hand? Our smashing photography and splendid descriptions bring our tiles to life but if you need to be certain, why not order some free samples or give us a call?

With our curated collection of stylish tiles...

We source most of our tiles from the northern Italian region of Emilio Romangna. This is the home of Ferrari and Lambourghini, parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and a whole host of other treats and delights. It's a landscape with craft and beauty in its DNA so it's little wonder that this amazing area is also home to some seriously good looking tiles.

We buy direct from the factory...

Our tile quest has taken us far and wide as unlike other retailers, we don't buy our stock through wholesalers or middlemen. This helps keep the price down by a hefty amount (tick) and means we're in full control of what we choose to bring over (another tick). We only buy from factories that we've visited, know and trust. And we're online only for better value... We think high-street and retail park showrooms are old-fashioned. And they cost a fortune to run - which the customer has to pay for. Trust us, we've been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it. So we decided to be online only. Lower costs for us. Better savings for you. It's pretty simple, really.

Oh, here’s a few more things we offer...

a five year guarantee on all tiles

fuss-free refunds within 28 days

chat to us about anything, we love to help, 0845 257 0227