Twenty Art Deco interiors to put the 20s back in the 20s

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
7th March 2022

There’s something about Art Deco interiors that are completely captivating. The stylish use of lines, timeless fabrics, and classy layouts can make a grand Gatsby-esque pad out of any home so we’ve gathered a bunch of interiors to inspire!


Stained glass

Iconic 20s stained glass is beyond beautiful. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a stunning asymmetrical doorway, or space for a colourful window, this feature is one that never gets old.

Images from: Black Laquer Designs and Matthieu Salvaing/Living Inside


Marble décor

The luxury of marble is a key piece of Art Deco design. Layered, inlaid, and cut at dramatic angles, marble’s veins and intrigue create majestic features that simply scream glamour.

Images from: The Artment and Elle Decor



Perfectly pairing with marble is the cool softened-industrial look of brass. Use as fixtures, furniture legs, mirrors, or accents, and this characterful metal will add a touch of 20s glamour.


Images from: Park & Oak and Studio Sam Buckley


Jewel Tones

Deep shades of teal, red, and pink stand out amongst the softer, more neutral shades of beige, cream, and metallics. For an Art Deco space the key to colour is intensity and richness, so don’t shy away from the bold.


Images from: Better Homes & Gardens and Eichholtz



Decorative or functional, split or whole, arches are quintessentially Art Deco. They’re also extremely versatile and can be used in furniture, wallpaper, windows, walls, and tiles.

Images from: Loskutoff and Architectural Digest


Fans and Shells

Fans, shell and scallop shapes complement the arches and angles of Art Deco’s geometric style. Add as a feature, accent, or furniture piece in metal, marble, or block colour.

Images from: Audenza and Divine Savages


Steel and Chrome

Sleek steel and chrome offer glitz and glamour in a simple shiny package. Add metal inserts between tiles, spruce up a kitchen cabinet, or keep it small with a picture frame.


Images from: Zoe Feldman and Douglas Friedman


Parquet and Marquetry

A way to add just a hint of Art Deco without going overboard is to add a touch of parquet. An organic wood look is welcome anywhere, with hints of Art Deco patterns offering a nod to the roaring 20s.


Images from: Cadorin Group and Public Goods


Royal Blue

Along with jewel tones comes the timeless classic Royal Blue. A perfect partner to metal, royal blue contrasts fabulously against kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It also works equally as well in a living space when blended with elegant coffee tables and statement lighting.

Images from: The Spruce/Francesca Maiolino and James Merrell


Geometric shapes

Zig-zags, diamonds, chevrons, stepped and trapezoidal shapes offer gorgeous geometry with incredible 20s style. Mix and match what and where with materials, colours, and sizes but don’t go too heavy on the pattern.


Images from: Living Etc and Marks & Spencer