Terracotta Family

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
5th April 2021

The complex beauty of terracotta has always had a home in interiors and decors. Coming from the Italian for ‘baked earth’, in its simplest form terracotta is produced with refined clay that is fired for durability. It is during this process that terracotta receives its iconic colour, however, depending on the iron content in the clay, the final product may be a large range of tones from the classic burnt orange to grey.

The rich variety and complex complexion of terracotta offers itself fantastically to the world of imitations, so we’ve compiled a selection of our collections that place the tones of terracotta front and centre.

Siena Cotto

Siena Cotto Terracotta Tiles
The rustic charm of Siena Cotto

Remarkably rustic with soft surface texture and shades that vary from pink to brown, our Siena Cotto tiles provide a terrifically tactile terracotta experience. Uneven edges and rough chips are complemented by the waxy finish of a worn surface, adding age and charm to a space.


Cotto Astro TilesA medley of our lovely Cotto tiles

Our Cotto collection sits on the opposite side of the terracotta spectrum. Mixing layered tones of ancient terracotta with modern cement-looks, Cotto’s colours span Black, Mid Grey, and Light Grey. The plain tiles serve as the basis from which six patterned accompaniments are formed, each with a delightful patina and visual variety.


Clays Cotto Tiles
Clays Cotto combines perfectly with the playful Casablanca Mix

Our two lovely Clays tiles – Cotto and Grey – showcase the best of terracotta. The deep orange tones of Cotto create a summery pop of joy, whilst the rough blue-hued Grey creates something moody and interesting. Adding ever more excellence to these echoes of terracotta is that they are made of porcelain, helping minimise upkeep whilst maximising beauty.


These beautifully made hexagonal tiles have all the hallmarks of a handcrafted terracotta. Specks, scratches, dimples, and tone work together to ensure our Croft tiles produce the most authentic experience.

Croft Grey Hexagon Terracotta Tile
Croft Grey forms a very trendy geometric pattern when laid

In three colours – Cotto, White, and Grey – these tiles have a remarkable talent for letting spaces speak for themselves.

Terra White

An entirely different take on terracotta comes from our Terra White tiles. The elongated metro tile format, mixed with the pale off-white tones is not a look that immediately springs to mind when one thinks of terracotta. But the handmade look and subtle textural accents definitely have the feel of old world terracotta with an unmistakable modern edge.