Porcelain Tiles - Five Hot Trends For 2014

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
5th June 2014

We’re nearly halfway through 2014 so it’s a great time to take a look at the popular trends over the past six months. There’s an incredible amount of different designs and styles available but the five below are our key picks. Let us know your favourite!

2014 Tile Trends



Ever Larger Sizes

Over the twenty years we’ve been involved with tiles the one thing that always amazes us is the sheer size of today’s tiles. Not so long ago, 25 x 40 cm tiles were seen as big. These days, 60 x 60 cm slabs are incredibly popular and tiles continue to get bigger!

A key theme in contemporary interior design is to create seamless, open plan living areas. Using large format porcelain tiles is a great way to achieve this – this results in fewer grout lines giving the illusion of more space.

Another great benefit of larger porcelain tiles is that they’re far easier to keep clean in the long run. New extensions and kitchen diners tend to be busy family spaces and the last thing you want to be doing is spending precious free time mopping the floor and being worried about stains!

Large Format Tiles

Our tip – Match the grout colour to your tiles to complete the seamless look

Porcelain Planks

Wood effect planks are incredibly popular as they combine the warmth of real wood with the practicality of modern porcelain. Unlike solid wood and laminates, porcelain planks are perfect to use in bathrooms and kitchens as they won’t rot or warp when they get wet.

The first wood effect tiles were released around ten years ago but they looked a bit lifeless and dull. Thankfully, designs have come a long way and our wood effect tiles are produced using cutting edge digital printing methods. This means they look just like real timber with realistic knots and grains and there’s variation from plank to plank. Some planks even have sightly bumpy surfaces as if they’re been laid for years!

Wood Effect Bedroom Tiles

Our tip – Lay the planks with a staggered joint for a more realistic finish

Digital Stones

Who doesn’t love the warm character of a country kitchen or the sophisticated style of a hotel bathroom? If you’re looking to give your home an inviting makeover chances are you’re thinking of using natural stones. Step forward, stone effect porcelain tiles.

Unlike real natural stones, our tiles don’t require any sealing or special care to keep them looking good. And as they’re made using digital printing technology, they have all the timeless charm and variation you’d expect to see with natural slates and marbles.

The best stone effect designs have very few repeating patterns and you’d have to be an expert to spot the difference. Take a look at our gorgeous Jura below which faithfully recreates the rustic beauty of natural Jura limestone

Limestone Effect Porcelain

Our tip – Ask your friends if they can tell the difference between your new porcelain tiles and stone!

Vintage Charm

Vintage, shabby chic, retro… pick up an interiors magazine and one of 2014’s hottest trends is for designs inspired by the past. A great way to add an eye-catching and eclectic touch to your home is by using vintage style tiles.

If you’re looking to add a reclaimed, industrial feel to your new floor, take a look at our Vintage Wood tiles which have a worn and weathered appeal. Of course, being porcelain, they’ll keep their trendy looks and won’t rot away!

Another popular tile is Patchwork Pattern – it’s inspired by traditional handmade Moroccan tiles and features over 100 different prints, giving your floor and walls a unique and personal touch.

Decorative Tiles

Our tip – Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorative tiles – why not use them as a splashback or even as a stair riser?

Retro Metro

Ok, we know they’re made from ceramic not porcelain but one of 2014’s hottest tile trends is for stylish metro or subway wall tiles. Inspired by the bevelled edge tiles used on the London Tube and New York Subway systems, these tiles have a timeless simplicity and they’re a popular choice for all kinds of design schemes.

As metro tiles are wall only you’ll need to use a porcelain tile on your kitchen or bathroom floor. However, metro tiles are incredibly versatile so you can team them up with pretty much any type of porcelain design you like. Take a look at the images below to see some of the classic ways metro tiles are used.

Metro Tiles

Our tip – Lay white metro tiles with a brickbond joint and use a dark grout to emphasize the staggered grout lines for a chic, classic look