Now Trending - Peaceful Pastels

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
15th February 2021

The relaxing faded tones of the pastel colour spectrum offer an immediate dose of softness and calm. Whether it’s a powder blue, a delicate green, bubble gum pink, or sunny springtime yellow, the lightness of each shade provides a soothing aura. To make life easier, we’ve compiled all of our peaceful pastel tiles right here to help you decide what’s right for you.


We’ve already collected our pink tiles for a separate list, but being an important part of the pastel family, we’ll share them again here. The colour of romance, pink invites an emotional response and its pastel partners offer the same, but with an added touch of sweetness.

Explore subtle tonal variety in our hexagonal Ella Pink tiles, experience a tactile finish with our Ripples Pink, enjoy elongated elegance with our Pastels Pink or Concorde Rose, or take to decoration with our Palm Springs Pink.


The colour of sunshine made gentle, pastel yellow is a delightfully happy shade. Regarded as gender neutral, with a hint of femininity, pastel yellow is an uplifting and inspiring colour. Its prevalence in the 1950s also make lemon a retro tone for those looking to turn the clocks back on their interiors.

Our Pastels Lemon is bright and charming, it’s skinny format is terribly on trend and offers freedom of layout, and its uneven edges provide the artisanal air sought after in design.



Peaceful and tranquil, pastel blue is a classic colour that is favourite to many. Reminding us of the sea and sky, blue evokes images of expanse whilst its pastel siblings offer a de-saturated neutrality that works like a breath of fresh air.

Decorate a space with the classic subway look of our Arcade Crackle Duck Egg tiles, create a calming feature with our Pastels Sky, or embrace the varied tones of our Marais Aqua.



The theme of pastels is peace, and green is no different. Stepping away from the lush vibrancy of brighter greens, the pastel tones of mint and pistachio offer a similar level of serenity with added softness and neutrality.

Play around with pastels greens in a variety of elongated formats from the larger Ripples Green, to the skinny Padstow Sage, and the middling Pastels Sage.