Pastel Bathrooms

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
26th April 2021

The onset of spring has us reaching for florals and pretty pastels. There is a simple softness in a pastel that’s calming and comforting. You can go wild with shades, experiment with retro fixtures, or keep it light with greys and white. To share the variety to be found with these easygoing tones, we’re focusing on the bathroom.

Sweet and Simple

In this bathroom reno by Little Big Bell, a choice of pinks and pale blues mix and match in divine splendour, combining patterns and tones, shapes and textures to produce a peaceful oasis awash with colour.

A pastel bathroom by Little Big Bell

Light pink hexagonal tiles make a feature of the double sinks, whilst the curved mirrors and gold fixtures give a nod to Art Deco. The light blue patterned flooring makes for a stunning feature, allowing the pastel pink tub to pleasingly contrast against it. Simple white square tiles decorate the lower half of the walls with light blues and peaches completing the look.

Ella Pink hexagon wall tiles

To achieve a bathroom like this in your own home, our Ella Pink tiles (shown above) and Elements White Square tiles will work wonders on the wall, whilst a light décor such as our Hove Blue, Ponti Blu, or Seville Persian Blue can polish off the floors. 

Rustic Magic

Pink and avocado bathroom - done different!

For this bathroom (image credit - Pure & Original Paint) a slightly richer palette is used that just reaches the cusp of pastels. The dappled paint and varied tones allow lighter shades to mingle with deeper tones whilst still offering the airy look of pale pastels. The light sage and dusty pink paint sets the tone of the room whilst the warm, organic look of the cream tiles completes pastel palette, maintaining lightness without relying on white.

Colour-match the paints and include interesting light fixtures, a unique sink, and coloured bath to achieve this look. For similar flooring a natural stone-look like our Winchester Beige tiles add warmth and intrigue. To focus on a lighter, more aged effect our Tapestry White tiles are the ideal candidate.

Sunny Outlook

A yellow and monochrome pastel bathroom

Soft sunny yellow is the pastel of choice in this bathroom found on Shelterness. Combined with white and patterned grey tiles, this lovely space is bang on trend for 2021. Extending the shower tiles throughout the room adds a sense of continuity, whilst the floor tiles add a sense of elegance and finesse.

Our Pastels Lemon tiles offer an energetic burst of sunshine, perfect for a signature shower. To decorate the floor a simple motif such as on our Cotto Astro or Cotto Cube would complete the look beautifully, or utilise something more ornate such as our Cotto Fiore or Maison Chic to up the decorative feel.