New Season, New Tiles! Part 1

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
31st May 2016

Summer’s just around the corner and to celebrate, we’re launching a whole load of gorgeous new product! So if you’re on the lookout for tiles, it’ll be like Christmas has come early – we’re adding a whopping 200 new designs!

We know our customers are a trendy bunch and pretty picky when it comes to porcelain. So we’ve spent the past few months flicking through samples and picking the brains of past, present and future customers, to make sure our new collection is just right.

There’s a little bit of everything, from traditional crackled tiles to the latest wood planks and super cool concrete-effect slabs. And as you’d expect, they’re all from Spain and Italy so the quality is top notch.

We’ll introduce you to some of our new ranges below. And over the next few days we’ll introduce you to some other new faces, but in the meantime, please feel free to browse online!

Patchwork Tiles

New Patchwork TilesIs there anyone who doesn’t love Moroccan tiles? If so, we haven’t found them, and when they look this good it’s easy to see why they’re so, ahem, moorish.

Inspired by traditional patchwork tiles, Istanbul features over twenty different intricate patterns and it’s a great way to give your room a vintage, exotic flavour. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, why not choose the modern motifs of Dolce Blue? This is made up of different geometric patterns, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something eye-catching to work in more contemporary design schemes.

Victorian Floor Tiles

New Tiles VictorianVictorian tiles make an incredibly stylish addition to any house and they’re almost guaranteed to never date. We think the repeating floral pattern of Grosvenor Black is destined to become a classic in its own right – it’s the epitome of timeless elegance. It’s also designed and made here in Blighty, which makes it pretty special!

On the other hand, Dorchester Mosaic is produced in Spain but it’s specifically designed for British tastes and will work in almost any design scheme. It’s based on original Victorian decorative tiles, which were painstakingly made by hand from thousands of small mosaics. So although each tile measure 33 x 33 cm, they’re cleverly designed with faux grout joints to give the appearance of a detailed mosaic floor when laid. Trust us, your tiler will thank you!

Decorative Hexagon Tiles

New Hexagon Tiles For 2016Quite possibly the jazziest range around, our six-sided Seville tiles are the go-to option if you’re flip-flopping between hexagon and patterned tiles. They’re completely unique and will compliment both traditional and modern designs. In fact, these tiles are so super-cool we recently supplied them to the new Udderlicious in Covent Garden, hands down the best ice-cream parlour in the UK!

Geometric Prints

New Geometric Tiles For 2016Last for today but by no means least are a couple of new geometric designs which are great if you’re a fan of retro style. Our Heritage Star tiles have all the character and charm of traditional encaustic tiles, but because they’re produced using the latest technology they can be used in almost any area. They’re curated by Francisco Segarra, one of the top designers in the vintage world, and we’re pretty excited to add them to our collection.