Metro Tiles - A Design Classic?

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
16th June 2014

A couple of weeks ago I found myself wandering around Copenhagen’s Design Museum. At Porcelain Superstore we’re big fans of Scandinavian style so spending a few hours in the company of iconic pieces of furniture is time well spent!

One thing that struck me was how up-to-date and contemporary many of the objects looked – even though most of them were first manufactured half a century ago. These were the definition of design classics – items that have stood the ultimate test of time.

So, is the humble metro tile worthy of being placed in such esteemed company? We certainly think so. And judging by the amount of metro tiles we send out, so do our customers. The popularity of metro tiles continues to increase which is some achievement when you think they’re a hundred years old and the basic design has hardly changed in that time. Here’s why we think metro tiles are up there with the best:

Undeniable style

If a hip new bar or restaurant opens up near you, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be tiled floor to ceiling in white subway tiles. And with good reason – it’s the perfect tile to fit in with the retro, utilitarian look that’s currently in vogue. Metro tiles are the ceramic equivalent of Steve McQueen – cool, effortless and timeless style.

Amazingly versatile

So, that same tile in that trendy new burger joint will look just as cool on your bathroom walls or kitchen splashback. Just take a look at the images below to see metro tiles in domestic action. Metro tiles blur the lines between traditional and contemporary and seem to work everywhere – whether a modern, streamlined kitchen or in a vintage-influenced bathroom.


An interior designer once told us that metro tiles were “her secret weapon” and that she could always rely on them to make her designs look like a million dollars. We know exactly where she’s coming from – they’re among the cheapest tiles we have in our store but you can guarantee they’ll look fantastic wherever you lay them.

Easy to install

Metro tiles are a great place to start if you’re new to DIY. They’re easy to cut, lay and grout and as they’re so affordable, the odd broken tile here or there won’t hurt (try breaking an expensive marble tile and you’ll know what we mean!). If you’re installing your own tiles, why not experiment with different coloured grouts for an additional dose of wow factor? We love the contrast between gloss white metro tiles and a dark grey grout.

Cool, cheap and cheerful – what’s not to love about metro tiles? Take a look at our collection of Metro Tiles to find your classic design.